Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bad Karma

I guess I have really ticked off the universe in some way . . .

Saturday began nasty swollen play dough foot. Monday was a freak case of wicked hives from some type of allergic reaction which led to an emergency doctor's appointment.

Tuesday: My back blew out! What the hell? My foot looked a lot better today so I decided I needed to vacuum for the babies arrival. I picked up the vacuum and my back locked. It is painful and spasming and it hurts to turn my neck to the left side. I can't take the good drugs (muscle relaxer, mmmm) so I went to the chiropractor. When my back spasms, it pulls on Ever's sac and she starts moving around. I hope it's not hurting her! It's funny how worried you can get about your babies before they even come out. Being emotionally unstable, the other day I cried when Ocean got hiccups. He gets them all the time and there is nothing wrong with that, I just feel sad that I can't pat him on the back or do something to comfort him. :) Cuckoo!

Hubby said he would see me tonight after work. I said to just drive straight to the hospital because the babies are getting evicted TONIGHT! Really, there is no sign of that happening so I'm sure they aren't going anywhere, but I was hoping maybe the chiropractor could crack just right so that my water would break. No dice.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow? Perhaps it would be smart if I drew the blinds, locked the doors, and stayed in the the safety of my bed all day . . . .


  1. maybe it has nothing to do with karma but a case of you're pregnant with TWINS and need to lay low! no vacuuming!

    hope the babies come soon and that you stay well :)

  2. No vacuuming! Bed rest! xoxox

    Hiccups are a really good thing. He is practicing his breathing and getting ready to try out his new skill in the real world!!

  3. Don't we get married so we don't have to vacuum when we get pregnant?!?

    Hope the babies will be here soon!!

  4. Oh no! No more vacumming!! Hope the chiro was able to help the pain!

  5. Don't women vacuum to GO INTO labor? Housework is a no-no on bed rest, missy! LOL
    Take it easy, no need to rush it, they will be here soon enough!!


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