Monday, April 5, 2010

Operation Baby Eviction

I have come to the terms with the fact that these babies are ready to exit. I could lay in bed all day but it won't make a difference, they're ready for the world! Yesterday the babies dropped, which has caused my already freaky looking stomach to look a little freakier. I was up from 3:00 a.m. until 7:00 a.m. having issues, even though I rested on my laurels all day. I decided that instead of fighting it and freaking out, I am going to support their decision.

Due to hubby's work schedule, the babies are not permitted to make their grand entrace Sunday through Tuesday (unless it is Tuesday after 4:30 p.m.). Operation Baby Eviction can only take place Wednesday through Saturday of each week. I spoke with the doctor this morning and she said that I should hold tight until my appointment Wednesday and she will check on them then (my first internal exam, ick). As long as there is not water, blood, or contractions again every 3 minutes for an hour we should be okay until then.

If you google ways to start labor, there is some truly sick stuff out there. I'm not going to mention it, but you can look it up for yourself. I'm not going to do anything sick, twisted or dangerous. I am just going to rub my belly, think happy water breaking thoughts, and discuss the highlights of their arrival with them (in no particular order):

1. Mommy and Daddy snuggles
2. Spring weather
3. Light
4. Non gestational diabetes food found in my breast milk (reese's peanut butter egg breast milk has to be a lot better tasting than carrot stick and cottage cheese amniotic fluid)
5. No more being tormented by ultrasounds and NSTs (they REALLY hate those)
6. Meeting all their family, especially Daddy
7. Space and freedom

Hopefully these things will entice them and they will make their arrival peacefully when I'm ready for it and on hubby's schedule. A girl can dream right?

I am going to share a disturbing photo with you. Last week before the almost-accidental-baby-eviction incident, the sun was shining. I thought the babies would really enjoy some time in the rays and the warmth. So . . . . I put on a pair of hot pants and a bikini top. Oh yes, I did. Hubby was very surprised to find this when he came home. After he stopped staring, he chased me up the stairs with the camera. I was cornered so I looked at the ceiling hoping he wouldn't do it. But he did. And this is the aftermath:


Yes, I took that ginourmous white beast of a belly in my back yard looking like this. Seriously, have you EVER seen stretch marks like that before??


  1. I think you look great! (I did not look that small by the end of pregnancy, that's for sure)

    Hang in there... this part sucks, but really does fade. I hope Wednesday's appt goes well!! I don't have to tell you to take some bare belly shots. Pack your chapstick!

  2. Wishing you luck with operation baby eviction! Sending you lots of prayers and positive vibes for a safe and healthy delivery! Can't wait to see pictures of Ocean and Ever :-)

  3. You are all baby! I hope they listen and understand the schedule they have to keep.

  4. I think I wrote a very similar blog post at about week 35 too. I was CONVINCED I could get these kids out if I wanted to, especially since they had been trying to escape for WEEKS. No luck though. Hang in there! You're getting close!


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