Monday, April 12, 2010

Mucous Plug

I don't know how to spell mucous I don't think so deal with it . . .

ANYWAY - part of my mucous plug came out!! I was SO excited. I know that's totally disgusting and for some people it is still weeks until birth after it escapes, but for some birth happens relatively quickly afterward (please be me, please be me). I called hubby to tell him:

Hubby: Is everything okay? I just talked to you!

Me: Guess what, my mucous plug is coming out!

Hubby: See, I told you, everyday is one day closer. Did you save it?

Me: What?? Why would I save that, do you want to see it?

Hubby: Well, you have all your pee (he is referring to the five pregnancy tests that I still have) in the baby box so I wasn't sure if you wanted to keep that too.

Ha ha . . . .

And that's not all the excitement I had today! I broke out into wicked hives and welts. It spread so fast I was super panicked. I took TWO benadryl and took a shower then iced all the welts. I called the doctor and they said to come in this afternoon. I also have only one very swollen foot and ankle that I've had for several days. Well, the two benadryl knocked me out cold! And the babies too, normally they are wiggle worms when I first wake up but they are stoned. So I missed my appointment and told them I'm not coming in. The nurse gave me a huge guilt trip so I went in anyway.

The rash could have been anything from allergies to something pregnancy related. The one swollen foot is a big concern. Swelling in pregnancy is very common, but the fact that it is very bad in only one area isn't good. The fact that I don't have high blood pressure means that we're probably okay for today but it needs to be monitored as long as I have a mushy playdough foot.

The doctor said it should be any day now! Oh please, oh please, oh please be right!!


  1. That is too funny that your hubby asked if you kept it! I can see myself keeping my pee sticks, but not so much with the mucus plug! :) Hurry up little babies!!

  2. If you pop open the HPTs, you can pull out the part that soaked up the urine. That way you aren't saving it all! LOL I have all of mine. I have been pregnant 3x and have only ever peed on 3 HPTs. Too depressing in the IF world - seeing negatives month after month, year after year would have crushed me. But, after each pregnancy was confirmed at the doc's, I took an HPT for fun. LOL But, after pulling out the inside, they have all stayed showing BFP.

    Hang in there!

  3. Come on babies!!!!

    I love that DH thought you might want to keep your mucus plug! Can you imagine what THAT would be like in 5 years.... eww.

  4. That is such a cute story. Definitely one to write down and stick in the box.

  5. YAY for losing the mucous plug! Boo for the hives and swelling. Hope it goes away soon and that your delivery date comes quickly. I am dying to see pics of your beauties. It will make it that much more real that we are having boy/girl twins too!

  6. SOOOOO close!!!! I think its hilarious that your hubby thought that you'd save your mucus plug....HAHAHAHA!! Hope the swollen foot isn't something serious!! Hang in there Momma!!! XOX


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