Sunday, April 18, 2010

The First Rule

In working with children for years I have found that there is only one thing that is the most important first major rule to dealing with kids: Be consistent! You have to be consistent and direct and even if it sucks or inconveniences you, you absolutely cannot go back on what you say.

I watch people do this all the time. I was at a friends house and I watched the parent's tell the 4 year old "if you do that one more time I will send you to be without food." It was ineffective. Why? Because even a 4 year old knows you're not going to do that. Or when I see people counting to 5 even though they know they aren't going to do whatever they said they were going to do once they get to 5 (sometimes they don't even give a directive) and then the kid is still screaming/crying/running around or doing whatever you didn't want them to do. Wrong!

Ocean and Ever are not even born yet and I violated the first rule of child control. It's not good.

On Friday and Saturday I have tried EVERYTHING (except for 3 hours a day of nipple stimulation, that's just weird) to get these babies to come out. My body hurts in all kinds of places and I have eaten spicy food, watermelon, and oils but the babies are still in. This morning I was having contractions and I was so excited I got up and plugged the camera in and was up for hours. But then they went away and the babies are still safely tucked inside.

How is this possible?? I figured it out! I violated the first rule big time. After a variety of scares, even going back to some bleeding at around 10 weeks of pregnancy, I have begged these babies to stay in. I wrote letters to them as little embryos in their petri dish to stay in. Even as little as two and a half weeks ago I had hours of false labor and desperately begged them to stay in. I told them they had better not dare escape if it meant they would be spending time in the NICU. Well, they are just following directions! How can I tell them something for nine months and then in the last two days just decide to change the plans? I, of all people, know that is not how kids work.

So I will have to be patient until super-stretched-out uterus decides to "rebel." At least it's good to know I have pretty typical kids in there.


  1. Aww I hope they come out soon on their own before your scheduled c-section!

  2. The other thing is.... like it or not, kids are in charge. Motherhood means no longer getting what you want when you want it. Like today, all I wanted was for 2 kids to look at the camera for me. Nope.

    So, just think of these days as good mothering. You are putting the babies first, not your own wants.

    (I am consistant... and I don't have to follow through on many threats because they know now I mean business. All in all, my kids are very well behaved - when I look at other people's! LOL One thing though.. remember the "No TV" threat is often a bigger punishment on you than on them!! Be careful when you pull that one out!!)

  3. That's a sweet post. I guess this is just your first test of patience in parenthood. :)


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