Saturday, April 10, 2010

News Articles for Real Geniuses

This is what I saw while obsessing over the height/weight gestational chart on Baby Center . . .

Meth Exposure May Be Worse for the Fetus Than Alcohol

Gosh darnit. I thought when I traded in my daily vodka fix for a meth addiction I was doing my babies a huge favor.

WHAT??? Why would anyone think that meth would be better for a kid than alcohol? Why would anyone think that alcohol would be good for a fetus? Is there really anyone on the planet who thinks meth is a good idea for pregnancy, I mean not someone who is addicted, but just thinks, I'll do this meth and everything is fine? And then the people who care enough to research pregnancy issues on Baby Center would really need some clarification on whether meth or alchohol will do the most damage?

Sheesh . . . . .


  1. I used to obsess over that same height/weight gestational chart until I found a graph of gestational growth with percentile lines that I now obsess over. I know our little one has been in the 20% percentile for two u/s, so that's the growth curve I've been following.

    As for the meth vs. alcohol article, just reading the title gave me one of those laughs of disbelief. I haven't read the article yet, but really? Someone has actually studied and compared the two to see which is worse? You made a good point...anyone who is doing research on Baby Center would probably have figured out that both are just plain bad for a fetus.

  2. oh yeah, and did you know that crack and coke are better for the baby than tobacco?

    Of course neither is good, but if you have to choose one, smoke the crack pipe not the Marlboro.

  3. A mother, already on methodone for heroin addiction, said this when she was confronted with the fact that her urine tested positive for cocaine...That's impossible! Cocaine is not my drug of choice.
    Nice. She also asked the lactation consultant how much alcohol could she drink and still breastfeed.


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