Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 - Finally

It has arrived! 2010, the year that hubby and I will finally have a family. The end of 2009 was the most exciting ever, but the majority of 2009 sucked. Here's the replay:

*Early 2009- Decided to start the new year off with our 3rd and final try at IUI's with injectibles. After being emotionally drained from the other two failures, I put on my big girl panties and thought this would be the one if only I wanted it bad enough and had a positive attitude. FAIL.

*We receive our foster license!

*Everyone we know decides to get pregnant, leaving me in bed, naked, and crying for several days thinking it just isn't worth it anymore. I meticulously plan my day at work to avoid the millions of pregnant people working in my building. I find happy pills.

*We attempt to adopt instead as I am fearful of IVF. We get really excited about it until we find out that IVF would be half the cost. Back to the drawing board!

*Before 2009 is over, we take in 5 foster kids. We have a lot of fun and it is just what I need to quit feeling so sorry for myself.

*I try tons of natural things to help with my fertility. My cycles regulate and I look fabulous but no dice on the baby making.

*I go to an IVF consult at my current RE and decide he is a dick and will never get me pregnant. Someone refers me to RRC and Dr. B and I go get a consult there. It is amazing! The atmosphere is completely different and the staff is wonderful. I decide to let this group try to knock me up!

*I have a few setbacks thinking about money and failure, but mostly I am 100% on board for our 1st IVF. When we couldn't come up with the $20K for the refund program, I almost decide it's not worth the risk, but then realize I have nothing to lose. The experience was draining, but also exciting. I tried to get myself in the mindset I was in when I started Clomid, thinking this would do it and picking out baby stuff. I anxiously awaited my call every morning to tell me how my little embies were doing. We ended up with 3 good ones, 2 put in, one to freeze.

*September 1st, 2009-THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! I got an email from the RE office that my beta was positive. Although I worried endlessly, I was so excited.

In one year, I had the worst days of my life and the best days of my life. And here we are, FINALLY. The year we've been waiting for and thought I might not ever see. The difference between January 1st, 2009 and January 1st, 2010 is unbelievable. 2009 was no hope, and today we are planning our future with dreams coming true.

Happy New Year!! I hope 2010 is a dream come true for everyone!

2010 belly


  1. Wow, when you sum up the year in bullet points, all seems so much yet so incredibly perfect at the end! yeah to 2010.

  2. Congrats! Just finding your blog via ICLW.

    I'm recently pregnant too (5 wks) after a really long TTC battle and completely know what you mean about how it changes your whole year.

    Here's to 2010 bringing loads of joy and happiness!

  3. We're following and wish you the glad that you are pregnant and with twins. We are pregnant 32 weeks in, and what a blessing. Two of our close friends/relatives are trying through the same expensive and emotionally tolling IVF process.

    We, too (my husband and I) have a pregnancy blog, too, chronicling the ups and downs of this blessed journey. Take a look:


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