Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Tough Being Cheap

I am a total cheapskate. If it's not on sale, I do NOT buy it. I know that's odd for a 25 year old, but I've always been this way.

I have adopted a new pregnancy attitude as I head into the week of viability. The week I can finally allow myself to really and truly allow myself to think realistically of bringing home two babies.

Which means now I am on the warpath. I need the clothes to be ready and washed. I have shopped for specific outfits (on sale of course) for the monkey's to wear at the hospital. I bought my first nursing bra yesterday, so I thought I'd follow it up with a few nursing tanks to put in the bag for the hospital (although I am not planning to be at the hospital for a few months).

A nursing tank is $24.98 at Motherhood Maternity. $24.98???? Are you kidding me? There is no WAY my cheap ass will be able to spend $25 bucks on a cotton tank with holes in the second layer for my nipples to poke out. Nope. Not going to happen. Other than pants, just because you can't get away with it and those Bella Bands suck, most of my clothes are not maternity. I just can't buy clothes that I know I will only be wearing for such a short time.

The baby industry is like the wedding industry, the powers that be know that people are so desperate to accomplish the image of the dreams in their head they will spend anything. Seriously. If you are cheapskate like myself, take a trip to Babies R Us. You will crap yourself. Of course if you are reading this and are an infertile, you already know this! Why, oh why, didn't I dream of being an RE when I was a small child?? That would have been smart.

My new attitude is telling me we will not get derailed in our missions anymore. So I found them online at for $14.50 each. Much better. Except there is shipping . . . a cheap ass' nightmare! :)


  1. I bought all my maternity clothes on ebay. You wear them for such a short time and I am frugal, too! You're too skinny - or I'd send you mine. I think they are still floating around here.
    Check out womanwithin catalog online for cheap robes. You'll be able to buy a larger size and not have to buy maternity. You'll want a robe in the hospital - probably a short one for ease getting in and out of bed. I was in 3x clothes and still able to buy a robe that zipped around my whole belly!

  2. I couldn't help it and commented on someones baby purchases at Target today - she told me all the baby stuff is on sale. You might want to check it out. :)

  3. We're cheap-asses too. Hubby researched carseats, strollers, and other gear online and at the stores.. then he found it all for cheap on Craig's List. People spend a ton of money on gear that gets used rarely and gently, then they want to pitch it. This is a good task for husbands, since you're in no condition to go out and meet potential ax-murderers. ;-)

  4. too! Sales, coupons and FREE shipping...sweet words for the shopper in me:)...I wish I bought less, but I do get things at good prices:)...have fun with your shopping...

  5. Oh, I am such a cheapass... and I'm only 26, so you're not alone. Though I might be worse than you... I would've waited to order from Old Navy until I found a coupon code for free shipping...

  6. try It's a website for recycling stuff. There'a probably one in your area. I always see lots of preggo clothes, baby seats, etc. With twins, you gotta buy double the stuff, so why not get it cheap or even free? I am right with ya!

  7. LOL at "why didn't I dream of being an RE when I was a small child" :)

    Yeah I never knew how expensive stuff was until I started buying baby shower gifts. Heck you should have seen me on my first trip to Babies-R-Us! I was in shock!!! And not only about ALL THE STUFF! Whew!

  8. I don't know if it's something that is nationwide,you could try - I often see offers of bags of maternity clothes that people would like to give away. You can also request stuff that you need that someone else may want to part with.

    It's kind of a neat idea, if you ask me! And it's *definitely* cheap! =)

    Happy ICLW!

  9. OMG you made me laugh so hard!! And you and I must be separated at birth!! I am so cheap I squeak and I did crap myself my first trip to Babies R Us. Not to mention crib shopping, maternity pants shopping, cloth diaper shopping... So glad you and the babies are doing well!! :)


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