Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Daddy's First Kick

My babies always know how to make me feel better! Their movement has picked up a ton since my depressing appointment this week (and thank you to all the encouraging comments regarding the OB prediction).

Because I can feel their kicks I can't tell if I can really feel them on the outside or not. Hubby has been wanting to feel them for awhile. When they start up their nightly womb party I always grab his hand to let him feel. He has not been able to feel them although I just couldn't believe how he didn't! Wherever he puts his hand, they kick.

So finally on Monday, at 22 weeks and 4 days, hubby felt his first kick! It was so cute and exciting. We are total losers because we have talked about it nonstop. It's just so awesome that he will get to start being more of a part of it.

Tonight I was waiting for hubby to get home from his business trip to Utah. I sit around the house like a fatty, with my chia belly always out of my shirt and exposed. The belly and I were watching American Idol when I had major movement begin. And I SAW it!! I could actually see it through my skin. I called hubby right away to tell him about it. Now we are on belly watch so that hopefully next time it happens he can watch too.

Keeping a list of the greatest moments of pregnancy, it's awesome to have two things in this one week (to even out the score of the pubic bone of death):

1. The surprise of the first positive pregnancy test
2. Finding out there were two sacs in there and we are expecting twins
3. Seeing them move like crazy at my first OB ultrasound
4. Hubby getting his first kick
5. Me seeing them move

Those are the peak moments. They are way better than the low moments: vomit to the point of rib damage, pregnancy induced migraines, a 3 day bleeding scare, pubic bone nightmare, and the worst thing-constant anxiety. Really any one of the five best things so far takes away all the other things. I think two of the best things ever happening in one week is a good sign. Next week is a biggie, viability!

I'm feeling better about my early due date fear. I think they can make it further and I think I might be able to work until 32 weeks. My guilt about risking their health for transferring two embryos is minimal. Twins do occur in nature and due to my age most people assume mine are natural. Ha ha ha!! One of hubby's coworkers told us we better be careful after these or we might get another set since we are so fertile. Right! I will also pass the buck on the guilt to the doctor's. They did tell us our embryos were great and we had a greater chance of twins than a singleton and a great chance for a singleton. BUT, and here's the big but, they also told me I wouldn't even need Clomid. Then they said I would definitely get pregnant on Clomid (which must have been why I was on it for 8 months). They also gave me a 79% chance of success with IUI. So really I can't blame myself for not believing in my good chances and putting in two anyway, they created a monster. :)I'm totally innocent, as always.

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  1. Congrats on the twins!! That is so exciting! Mine will be 4 months old on Friday (from an FET we did a year ago). I recently started a blog to help others with Infertility and wanted to know if you'd like to be a part of my Successful Story Sundays. Come by to check it out! And, good luck with getting to your goals. (I had mine at 37 weeks 2 is doable!) ;-)


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