Saturday, January 16, 2010


Of issues that I've experienced in my life, body issues are definitely on there. I work out a lot and love a physical challenge. I thought that body issues would be tough on me going through pregnancy when there are so many changes and you gain weight constantly.

Nope! I LOVE my pregnant body!

The belly is so smooth and stretched out. I love touching it all the time. Although I don't do that in public in case a closet infertile is around. I didn't appreciate that sight during my infertility depression and I don't really want to do that to someone else. But when I'm home, the hands are constantly on it. I don't even wear a shirt on the belly at home so that everytime I go to the bathroom I can take a good long look at it.

I do miss working out and will be working out after the monkey's arrive, but I don't miss it that much. I want the babies to get here safely and in one piece, but I will certainly miss having them with me and rubbing the buddha all day.

It is fun at work because the kids run up and hug the belly. They talk to the monkeys and when they leave, they don't just say goodbye to me, they say goodbye to the belly as well. I feel big and jolly, like Santa. It's so nice when you thought you would just feel fat and gross, but instead you feel beautiful. I can't wait to take some maternity pictures to commemorate this once in a lifetime event. My next belly pic is coming on Wednesday when I will be 24 weeks. I hate when people touch me, but it's okay when people touch the belly. I know how much joy I get out of it, so I may as well share.

Don't take this post to mean I'm not getting my boobs done when breastfeeding is over. I most certainly am and have also got the name of a surgeon who will fix them up so the insurance will pay! Also, spanx will be my best friend. My thighs are getting pretty volumptious. I'm not concerned at this point because all I care about are the babies, but I will be stuffing them like sausages into a good pair of spanx.

A note on the word volumptious: it means fat. I had a long discussion with a friend about this last week. If someone says volumptious in regard to you, you should slap the shit out of them.

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  1. Thanks for the volumptious comment. I needed a good laugh today- my retrieval is tomorrow! That was funny. Glad all is well! Can't wait to see 24 wk belly pictures. You look fabulous!


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