Wednesday, January 20, 2010

6 Month Stats

This is actually almost 6 and a half months.

So here we are, at 26 weeks . . . . .


TTC: 2.5 years, got knocked up the 30th cycle
What: Twins, a boy and a girl
How I am feeling: My pubic bone is on the verge of separating and sleep is tough. Other than that, still feeling pretty good!!
Weight gain: 22 pounds
Milestones: We can feel the babies on the outside now so hubby gets to share in the excitement. Twice we have been able to see them moving (which is kind of weird but also really awesome). The MOST important thing has happened, viability!! Obviously a baby born at this point would not be very healthy and we hope they have a while left in the oven, but they now have a chance at life outside the womb. It makes me so excited!! For a bad milestone, I got my first stretch marks. Deep purple. Sexy.
Cravings: None right now, although some nasty reflux gives me food aversions. Actually, I guess I crave steak. I love red meat right now.
Signs of labor: All violations have shown that my cervix is still closed up tight. I had some shortening, but it doesn't matter because it is so long anyway.


Some baby photos:


Baby A looks just like his daddy. Except hubby doesn't look like an alien. He has a grouchy face in this photo. He hates being annoyed by ultrasounds. He tried to get away, but the specialist caught him.


I love this one of Baby B! She looks like an actual baby. I love her chubby cheeks. She doesn't care if people take her picture. I can't wait to see her in real life!

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