Saturday, January 23, 2010

What the F?

What the f$%^ is up with the awful pregnancy television out there?? We are currently relocated to my grandparents home due to the massive man style nesting occuring at our home and they have something we don't: CABLE.

I have found a long list of craptastic pregnancy related tv in the last week. I know I shouldn't watch it because it raises my blood pressure to dangerous levels, but I just NEED to. It's unexplained. Perhaps something to bring up in therapy.

1. 18 Kids And Counting: Do I really need to say anything?

2. The New Season of Teen Mom: They have found 10 more teen moms to document. I was honestly addicted to the first season, but the fact that they have found 10 more teen geniuses kind of makes me worry that this is a more prevalent trend than I though. One of them is having twins. Boo.

3. I'm Pregnant and . . . : This first episode was "Pregnant and in Prison." Again, need I comment? The second episode I watched was "Pregnant and Homeless." The bleeding heart in me wants to feel bad for these people but being the flawed individual that I am, I don't. Getting pregnant is really out of our hands, so many things have to happen perfectly to get there. But NOT getting pregnant is totally in your hands. There are all kinds of methods to use to prevent pregnancy. If you and your spouse cannot keep a job to save your life and you have to live in a tent, it might be nice to consider not procreating. The person was so worried her child would go to social services. Duh! Your child should go to social services. If you can't feed, clothe, or provide shelter for your child, you should not have children. Sorry to get all Republican on you, but really, some personal responsibility for your situation would be good. I'm so happy to know society doesn't want to have to pick up the tab for infertility (although if you are paying for your insurance haven't you earned it??) but we are picking up the tab for peoples situations that they can actually prevent being in.

4. I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant: I can't even believe this. Seriously. Is this a joke? I could understand not figuring it out for a few months, but not knowing until you are in a public restroom popping out twins? What?

Yes this sounds very bitter. It's because it is. I have been behind on ICLW so have been reading up on tons of blogs. I can't believe that people, wonderful, sane, adult people are having all the troubles we've had in the infertile world while these morons are parading their idiocy on reality television. It leaves an icky feeling in my stomach.


To finish up on a positive note, we had our first night of birthing class. It is all multiples, so mostly older couples and people who have gone through infertility. It was nice to just talk to a stranger in real life about this stuff. Hubby and I were grinning like kids in a candy store, we just couldn't believe that we were there in a room full of people like us. And we were talking about us having a baby. Lots of people tell me "you are so tiny, I can't believe it's twins!" One person even asked me if they are healthy. No thanks on planting the seed of paranoia in my mind. But the monkey's are perfectly healthy and also now viable. Back to the point, looking around the room, I am tiny for a twin mom! I have been very lucky to not experience swelling and be right on track with weight gain. It was a little boost of confidence for me. My body has finally agreed to cooperate! As soon as we can get our stuff together, the 6 month stats and belly picture will be up.


  1. Those shows irritate me too! I have always said why don't they show the other side of it....a reality show with us woman who are trying to have a baby! It's fantastic that you are pregnant and having twins! So wonderful! I'm a new follower and I look forward to reading about your journey!

  2. Those shows make me so angry! I'm glad I don't have cable, but I still get commericals for some of them. Like the movie that is going to be on the lifetime channel about the 18, 16 year old girls that made a pact in high school to get pregnant on purpose!! GR! So glad that you are doing well!

  3. I hear you about those shows... just messed up! I can't even watch Baby Story any more. And to think I was once fascinated by shows like that...


  4. I am in total agreement about these shows! Some are just unbelievable!!
    Just writing you a quick note that your success story is up on my blog! If you can give me a pic to add to it, it would be great! ;-)

  5. Can't watch that stuff either...tried to watch The Pregnancy Pact last night, but just not into it. Did catch the end and heard the "message" to teens...

  6. Are they healthy? Someone really asked that?

    dude, come on people.

    Can't wait to see the pics!

  7. You are so lucky to have a class of only multiples! I didn't... as a matter of fact, we were old enough to be parents of a couple of the couples in our class. (They had such crazy worries... I was worried I wouldn't come home with 2 living babies. They worried about dumb, trivial stuff.)

  8. UGH I cannot stomach any of the pregnancy shows like that, they all piss me off so much! When we first started TTC I would watch a baby story then I would cry while watching it thinking "where the hell is my baby story??!".

    Congrats on your twins! Best of luck on your pregnancy!

  9. I agree, the pregnancy tv shows are out of control and they keep on coming. *ack* Congrats on your body finally cooperating and on viability!


  10. Oh yes, I hear you about those crap shows, they absolutely drive me crazy. Oh and I agree with you about the funding - we have just had major cuts to funding in Australia because taxpayers don't want to pay for infertility treatments, however, they feel good about incentivising pregnancy by providing a baby bonus of $5000! Sorry, I am getting on my high horse a lot lately.

  11. First, Happy ICLW!

    Second, OMG I am so glad that other people can't stand all these horrific shows. Why do people want to glamorize teen pregnancies? I haven't seen "IDK I was Pregnant" (only clips on The Soup), but come on... How do you *not* know?

    As for "Teen Mom" - that one really bugs me. I can't say that I have seen one episode (other than the one where the mom gave the baby up for adoption) that made the pregnancy look tough. I don't know, maybe that's just me, but I cannot begin to think how that show didn't play some part in the "Pregnacy Pact" show..


    Anyway, Sorry to rant.. Thank you for the post! It obviously struck a chord! heh! =)

    Have a fantastic week!


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