Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Twins as Art


My kids at work are very excited about the babies. They color them pictures all the time, but this week I was given this art project. It is the twins in clay. They have pink and blue blankets because one is a boy and one is a girl just like I am dreaming of! I am going to put them in a shadow box and hang it in the babies room and keep it forever, I think it is the cutest thing!

I also think it was a good luck charm because at my OB appointment yesterday it was confirmed that Baby A is a boy!! Baby B is most likely a girl but the tech would not guarantee a girl at only 15 weeks. I can't believe I am having a son. I am so excited. I am really hoping that Baby B is a girl but we will have to wait and see for sure on December 8th. Of course now that I know at least one sex is shopping has commenced. I bought 2 pair of pants (sweat pants and camo pants) and 7 onesies. One of them says "I Love My Mommy." I will make this little boy a mama's boy. Hubby is also very excited we are having a son, as he thought we were going to have two girls.

The OB decided she should rain on my parade. I've been on cloud nine since yesterday and she called and left a message saying I need to call her back. My heart dropped thinking that something was wrong with one of the monkey's. I called back right away. It appears that I might have placenta previa. We won't know for sure until the specialist appointment on December 8th. I'm not sure if I should be okay or terrified. She told me if I do in fact have placenta previa, it could mean bleeding, earlier bedrest, earlier delivery, and definitely a c-section (not that I mind that). Of course I set out to ask everyone I know about this and have heard all kinds of stories from it corrected itself, to the person had some bedrest and an early delivery and all was well, to many weeks of hospitalization followed by a very early delivery. And no working out or sex. Although this doesn't really fit into the dreams I had of pregnancy, as long as my babies will be fine I will live.

So . . . . on December 8th we will be looking for a vajayjay and a placenta that is FAR away from my cervix! Cross your fingers!


  1. Congrats on finding out about your baby boy - so exciting!! Hopefully the fact that they couldn't tell means that Baby B IS a girl and you have your perfect little family! ;-)

    And UGH about placenta previa...fingers crossed that it goes away!!

  2. Hi Ashley! Sounds like the twins are doing great. FYI, I had complete placenta previa with Waffle Girl which never resolved itself (althought it usually does). So I had a few weeks of at-home bedrest and then an early (no NICU required) c-section. No big whup! I hope yours goes away, but as long as it looks suspicious, you'll get extra u/s's.. so more peeks at the babies is a plus! Good luck.


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