Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Carrie Prejean on the View

Let's take a break from baby psychosis to discuss this gem of a human being. I believe that she does have a right to her opinion and I also believe that people have a right to make mistakes. I don't believe that I really care that you are a Christian because that doesn't mean anything to me. I just love it though when "good Christian girls" seem to always be the ones who get knocked up in high school, have sex tapes, and take naked photos and then continue to pimp their Christian status to gain the love of the majority of the population. It's gross.
Anywho, she was on the View today discussing how she would have been Miss America if she hadn't said that she believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. Mostly all they wanted to talk about was her sex tape and her naked photos. It was obvious that they were trying to teach her a lesson and reach the organ that is found underneath the pile of peroxide that is her skull. Trust me, it was lost. Because, she would be no one to anyone, if the Christian people weren't peeing themselves with joy that someone said they don't believe in gay marriage. OMG, what a great role model, a fake boobed internet skank who is also a Christian. Because people, all that is important is that she is a Christian and Christian's are always right.
Basically the ladies of the View got her to say that, here comes a shock, "Christians aren't perfect." The part that continues to escape her, is that yes, you are not perfect, so you don't have a right to take legal rights away from someone else because you are not perfect. You may not read a book and decide that you make up people's rights because the Lord told you to. These people aren't asking to come to your church with you and get married there, marriage has LEGAL rights. I am completely missing the part where it is okay to decide someone's legal rights based on religion. It affects benefits through work, taxes, and even sometimes whether or not you can adopt a child.
Here's another tip for you, if you don't want to be called a bigot, you silicone filled moron, then don't act like a bigot!! If you think that people don't get rights for being different than you, that is what a bigot is. Duh. The whole thing disgusts me.
Hormones . . . . . .


  1. It annoyed me as well. I didn't think the ladies from The View seemed to impressed with her either. (especially Joy and Whoopi)...anyway couldn't wait until her interview was over...she's very confident, huh? Geez...

  2. Well written Chickie!!! I didn't get to see the view but I heard bits and pieces threw out the day. Thank you for saying what I thought!!

    Oh and hormones are our friends.... Yeah right!

  3. Totally agree with everything! Well done. She is SUCH a hypocrite.

  4. Hi,
    I'm a stalker. Hope you don't mind, but I really do adore reading your journey. And BTW, we're starting our first IVF cycle this month. Anyhow, GREAT post!
    Beth from Jersey

  5. I'm a fellow stalker as well. Luv ur blog and ur willingess to share your journey, especially with us that are barely beginning this crazy process.

    As far as this post is concerned, I am against gay marriage. Why? Because I believe that marriage is ordained of God. However, I do believe domestic partners should be entitled to the same rights that married couples are.

    Do I have to be the perfect Christian to have this opinion? Anyone that proclaims something can be dubbed a hypocrite because we are all human and we are ALL guilty of saying one thing and doing another.


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