Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dreams Pt. 2

I would like to say I am having weird dreams because of pregnancy, but that's not true, my dreams are always weird. Last night before bed we used the Baby Beat again. It took longer than the night before, but we found the heartbeats! I love hearing that sound. I can go to bed happy and content after that.

I had a dream about labor and delivery last night. I would really like to have a c-section just to be safe, but everyone else (except my OB mind you), is rooting for it the old fashioned way. In my dream it was the old fashioned way and I was thinking "this doesn't hurt at all." Hubby was with me and the delivery room was really weird. It was round and there were all these windows in it and they were open so a breeze was blowing in. The first baby came out and he was very chubby. I love chubby babies, the fatter the better. The nurse put him in my arms and the baby wasn't crying, he was smiling. Hubby was crying. The baby was the most perfect, beautiful baby ever. I gave him a kiss on the head and the nurse took him to do all that stuff they do to babies after they come out. I couldn't stop looking at him and the nurse told him to say "hi mama." And he did! I was like holy shit, call Harvard, my baby is a genius!!

All the nurses and the doctor left. The doctor was morphing from Dr. B and back to my current OB and it was very creepy. I yelled at them because there is still another baby in there and I have to get it out! They forgot my other baby. They just left and I tried to be calm because I figured they know what they are doing, but they never came back. I could tell I was waking up, but even my subconscious was trying to keep me asleep because I really wanted to have the other baby.

The last part was kind of disturbing, but I'm going to have a good day thinking that the universe is trying to tell me that at least one of the babies is going to be a super cute genius. :)


  1. bizarre dream for sure! Yeah for the chubby babies!!

  2. LOL, I love it! You're going to have TWO super cute geniuses...!! ;-)


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