Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Must Stop Eating

I am so nasty. I am always feeding. It doesn't matter if I throw up, it doesn't stop me from consuming foods in mass quantities. This is what I have eaten today:

-2 strawberry poptarts
- Turkey meat (until I googled the symptoms of listeria, then I threw the rest of it in the trash)
-An apple
-A nacho Lunchable
- Cantaloupe

It's only the afternoon. I feel like a blimp. My goal is to not eat for the next two hours. I am out of Zofran and for some reason, the more I eat, the less nauseas I am. I can't get the refill until after work and I can't wait! Hopefully it will help curb my appetite. My poor babies are experiencing a terrible diet. And I hate vegetables.

My Baby Beat finally arrived yesterday!! I have been in pain and still have a throbbing pain in my left side, but both babies have heartbeats. It's such a relief to hear that. Infertility just reminded me that bad things can happen to me, so I am always worried about this pregnancy. Luckily a week from today I will be in my 2nd trimester, which is supposed to make me feel better! It took awhile to hear, but then we heard it. I tried to say I would only use it once a week, but I am pretty sure I will be using it once a day.

Peeve of the day: Vegetarians on a mission. I absolutely do not care if people don't eat meat, I don't think anyone should eat anything that they are not comfortable with. But when crazies like Natalie Portman compare eating meat to being a rapist, I get slightly aggravated. Humans are mammals. Many mammals get ALL their nutrition from a meat only diet. It is not shocking that humans eat meat as well. There are many nutrients in meat. If you don't like it, don't eat it, but don't get too crazy on others who really enjoy a juicy steak or a hamburger. I don't say you should have to eat meat so I don't want to hear your thoughts on why I eat meat. Anyhow, most vegetarians I know own leather products. Your handbag and your car interior didn't die of natural causes, dumb ass.

Sorry, I'll blame it on the hormones! :)


  1. Oh, I am so glad your baby beat came in!
    Hope that side pain subsides...

  2. I'm hearing an awful lot of holier-than-though vegetarian preaching myself lately. It's so annoying.

    Should I be concerned that your menu for the day so far seems rather reasonable to me and I'm not even with child? Hmm... no wonder my pants are getting too tight...


  3. wow now I am really embaressed about what I have eaten today your list is not bad at all!! and natalie portman is CRAZY just like every one else in LA thats why its so much fun to read about them in trashy magazines!!!


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