Monday, November 2, 2009


I am so pissed right now, the Baby Beat didn't come today! I went to bed with excitement and woke up with excitement because the Baby Beat was supposed to come TODAY!! But it didn't. Ugh. I could punch somebody the face. I had hubby call me as soon as he got in to tell me what the Baby Beat was like and when he said it wasn't here I just started bawling. I was up all night with weird cramping so I was so relieved knowing that the doppler was coming and it's NOT HERE! Apparently somewhere the weather wasn't great so it is supposed to be here tomorrow. Hubby told me he didn't want to admit it, but that he was excited too.

I think something that caused some of the cramping was another growth spurt. Hubby lifted up my shirt and said "whoa, you're really . . ." Then he got the evil eye to not say anything that might get his head ripped off and then he concluded "you're really beautiful." That's what I thought, buster.

In other news, I waited for 3 hours on Saturday for my H1N1 vaccine. The nasty infertile came out of me. When I saw pregnant women in line with their five other kids I just felt like God damn it, you have some to spare, get out of the line so I can be sure to protect the only two I will ever have (unless I win the lottery soon). Don't worry, I am in therapy and I am fully aware that's crazy. Obviously I wouldn't want anything to happen to this person but I have never seen a line like this in my life and panic set in thinking I would have to go another few weeks being repeatedly exposed and taking my chances!! Luckily, I got it and hopefully we will be swine free for the rest of flu season.


  1. Hahahaha, that picture is amazing. And you seem to have trained the DH well (either that or it's survival instinct...? That's whast that would be in my house...)

  2. lolol Your poor hubby. Thank goodness his survival instinct is so strong! ;) I just love your pregnant belly pics! You're just too adorable!!

  3. Do we need therapy for feeling that way around pregnant woman?
    I thought that was normal, I feel that way MOST of the time!
    maybe I should seek treatment as well!

    saw your pregnant belly pics, SO cute!


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