Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good Fetus Report

We had our first specialist appointment today and it went very well! Both babies are doing fabulous. They are measuring at 14w1d and they were moving around again. All body parts we checked were functioning well. Each appointment is such a huge relief!

baby a 14 weeks
This is Baby A. I'm pretty sure it's a he with a penis. Hubby said it was the umbilical cord, but I think it's a weiner.
baby b 14 weeks
This is Baby B. I think this is the girl. She was playing with her hands and then we watched her put them in her mouth! It was so adorable. They weren't as wild as last time, but they were definitely moving.
baby b
This is an alien from outerspace. Just kidding, it's Baby B, looking right at us. Weird! The specialist could tell I was a little worried and he assured me they would get a lot cuter before they come out.
I love ultrasounds. I wish I could get them everyday. But I can't! Next specialist appointment is December 8th and we will figure out if they are girls, boys, or a combo (please combo).


  1. Haha! "This is an alien from outerspace." You are hilarious! Hooray for the good appointment and pictures of those little babes. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the combo!

  2. Congratulations on another milestone, so exciting!! I vote combo too, if you're going to do two at once and be done, of course you need one of each! ;-)


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