Sunday, November 8, 2009

My First Exercise

My elliptical machine used to be my prized possesion. It was used nearly daily for between 30 minutes to and hour and 15 minutes. I looked forward each day to my sweaty bonding with my machine. For the last four months, it has been collecting dust and has clothing, towels, etc hanging from it.

IVF took a toll on my physical fitness big time. Four months ago I could go out and run ten miles, followed by planks, abs, lunges and weight lifting and not get sore. Beginning with OHSS in August, I slowly began to be unable to exercise.

So I had my first exercise time yesterday!! It is rather embarassing, but it's baby steps, right? I made it 11 minutes on the elliptical machine (although I could have done more if I could find my f-ing iPod). I then lifted 5 pound weights. I know it's not much, but it's a start! I don't want to be a pile of mush by the time my babies get here so my goal is to get back up to 30 minutes on the elliptical and also at my next OB appointment get my doctor's note approved for my "Fitness for Two" class.

Next up: stop eating fast food!! I LOVE french fries and am especially addicted to Arby's roast beef sandwiches. I keep buying healthy food but it continues to go bad. I forced a salad on the babies last night and they took it pretty well, although Daddy's french fries looked SO appetizing!

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  1. I'm so glad the Baby Beat finally arrived and you're having fun with it! Good for you, taming that elliptical machine once again. But I say, if you wanna, eat the fries. With my blessing. :) The babies will thank me.


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