Friday, November 27, 2009

The Belly Parade

I am 16 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Below are my belly photos! I am trying to avoid stretch marks, even though my logical brain says it is impossible. Today I was extremely tired for some reason and slept all day only to get out of bed and shower tonight around 5:30 p.m. And no, I did not do any Black Friday shopping. That involves lots of people and I don't care much for lots of people. Back to the point, each time I wake up I do a mirror check to be sure that I haven't dreamt up this pregnancy. My evening mirror check showed MASSIVE stretch marks, long and deep! I was about to panic when I realized that they were actually dents in my skin from the sheets. That's what I get!!

Here they are:

4 Week Bump
10 Week Bump
12 Week Bump
16 week bump
16 Week Bump
This is the first non clothing bump because it is finally nice and round. Before it had a dent in it, like it wasn't sure if it was still going to attempt to stay flat and it was NOT attractive.


  1. hahahaha Oh my I love that last one!!! That is just beautiful!! Oh and your pics are cute too!:)

  2. Love the belly pics! I'm so glad you're doing so great. I hope you get good news from your doc soon about the possible placenta previa. Let us know what they say!

  3. Oh, and I loved the Twilight books but the movies have been a huge letdown. NONE of the characters look like they did in my head while I was reading.

  4. LOLOLOL!!!! That was SO funny to see belly, belly, belly, 6-pack, lol! And congrats on the cutest baby belly ;-)


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