Friday, May 27, 2011

Sarcasm is Genetic

My sweet little sweetnesses are naughty.

I'm sure you are completely shocked based on the picture perfect, non-sarcastic behavior I portray here that my ONE year olds are sarcastic. ONE. 13 months technically.

That was really fast. Hubby said he is sure they don't have one bit of his DNA in them. My DNA overcame them completely.

This is what happens:

1. Babies choose to do something naughty.

2. I say "no no no" in my serious voice and shake my pointer finger at them.

3. A look of joy comes across their face and they laugh. Giggle giggle, while they should be sad because they are doing a no no.

4. Next comes sarcasm. Ever will either shake her head and say "no no" while laughing or Ocean will look at me while smiling and say "na na na" while shaking his hand back at me.

Please take a moment to envision this in about 10 years. Yep. It doesn't bode well.

Do you know what else doesn't look good?

My mom is leaving which means that I have to do stuff. Like cook.

I hate cooking. It is boring. And what is worse is that cooking then leads to cleaning because you have to wash dishes and tables and put everything away and then there is planning and grocery buying and the whole thing sucks. I've looked into E-Mealz and they look all casserole-ish and I like my food separated and unmixed so I'm not sure if that is for me.

I am also going to be extremely poor thanks to daycare so I am saying good-bye to cable. I don't watch a ton of TV currently but the only shows I do watch are on Bravo which also doesn't have online viewing like some of the stations do. There will definitely be a period of withdrawal, but I will make it. Luckily it is summer so most of my evenings will be spent outside watching the babies splash in the water table or dig in the sand or play in their house or swing on the swings. Maybe my big booty could actually start working out again because I won't have shows to watch. Things are a-changin' around here again!




  1. I just love coming to read your blog! Your twins are to DIE for. and now that my sister (who I also told you was a twin) is expecting twins, and we JUST found out that she is having twin girls, I am so entranced by twins in general! Your are precious!!!

  2. Summer outdoor splash time is The Best!!!!! Adorable bath pics!!!!!

  3. Cook? Boo!
    Bye, bye cable? Double Boo!
    But spending time outdoors with the twins? Absolutely fantastic!
    And the pics? I love!!!!!
    The sarcastic no, no, no/na, na, na? Good luck lol

  4. Oh, wow, you are in for it! Reminds me when my brother finally realized how much bigger he was than my mom. She'd be yelling and shaking her finger at him, and he'd pat her on the head! And then get grounded.
    The babies are just too cute!:)


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