Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life Lessons from Ocean and Ever

Neighborhood watch is best done in your birthday suit!


These are the cutest little booties I've ever seen! You can't see them just in case you're a pervert, although I'm sure you're probably not. They love to hang out naked and the love their bathtime right before nakey time. Ever has started swimming in the bath tub. She gets on her tummy and kicks her legs and moves her arms around and even will sometimes dip her face in the water! Thank goodness these two love water because I absolutely love water and Ocean's name would be kind of dumb if he was afraid of water.

I can't believe this weekend will mark my second Mother's Day. I almost don't count last Mother's Day because I was in a state of such sheer exhaustion that I have no idea what happened. I truly can't remember it.

For this Mother's Day we are going to PARTY! I'm starting out the morning with mimosa's, followed by an afternoon wine tasting in a town that also has an underground bar that is open ALL day. It should be fabulous!


  1. That picture is too cute!
    Hey I know that you are a foster parent - check out my earlier post about National Foster Care Awareness Month ... and I'd love for you to check out the nonprofit link. Thanks!!

  2. HA!!! I just LOVE this picture - they are so adorable!!! Sounds like you have a wonderful and super fun Mother's Day planned!! I'm hoping to enjoy some mimosas too - Happy early Mother's Day:)

  3. There is nothing cuter in the world than baby bun!!!! I let Nico walk around diaper-less and pant-less just to see that cute little booty!!!

    Your Mother's Day plan sounds AWESOME!!! Now all we need is Monday off to recover.... :)


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