Friday, May 6, 2011


-After watching Big Love and Sister Wives I realized we really could use another wife. I know technically the thought of "sharing" a woman with your husband isn't appealing, but the thought of someone who could watch the kids, cook, clean and take care of some other thing, ahem, sounds awesome! But then I realized that it sounds like I would like a maid, or a live in nanny or possibly a slave so a second wife will not be in the works. Not to mention that DH said any man who would want more than one wife is CRAZY!

- I realized I am a total sappy sucker. Things that used to make my eyes roll into my head with the sappiness are things that happen all the time now. Last night I got teary eyed watching my son eat noodles. I know, right? Makes no sense! But we were at Pei Wei eating chinese because all of the mexican places were out of control for Cinco de Mayo and I ordered chicken lo mein for the monkeys. He would grab, with his most adorable hands, a noodle and put the end in his mouth and then suck the whole thing up with his mouth in the cutest pouty position. Adorable!

- If you are a long time follower you know that I don't believe that things are "meant to be." In fact I am not fond of that at all, but the older I get I see more that things eventually fall into place, which is kind of like the whole "meant to be" business that so many people talk about it. I can't ever believe that everything is meant to be, because there are bad things that happen or even just annoying things that happen that couldn't possibly be necessary. But I do think that things can fall into place and work out when you least expect it and it is the best feeling.

- I have been worrying my heiney off about the whole daycare thing. The babies must be walking to attend per their licensing requirements. We LOVE this daycare, two of our foster children went and they loved it. It is incredible peace of mind to know that your kids will be somewhere that they will have a good experience before you even drop them off. The daycare called to check in on us and I told them the bad news that they are not walking well. She asked me lots of questions and said they would go ahead and take them because they are so close!!! Yay! I am so very relieved. But then the realization hit that they will be there all the time. My mom is leaving. I really like having my mom around and I know the babies do too. I know there are many exciting things to come for us, but it is weird to think how different things will be in a few short weeks!

- I just realized that the monks are growing up way too fast. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to be past the newborn stages (those are not for me) but it's crazy how the little things are changing.

Fair warning, I will not have time for Mom Saturdays this weekend. It has become my favorite thing to do!






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