Monday, May 16, 2011

The Big D


It is upon us. My mom, the motherhood guru and grandma extraordinaire, is leaving. Out of the midwest and back down to the South.

Each morning I will be getting up AND getting the babies ready to go and then to work on time. Ha ha ha. Yeah right. I have had the luxury of my mom watching them right in the comfort of my home and I leave them crying in their jammies each morning while looking decent and making it to work on time.

Now . . . we will all need to be ready and to daycare by 8:00 a.m. Ocean sometimes sleeps until 8:30. Ever does not appreciate being rushed. I am nervous.

I try to remember why working is great:

1. We have healthcare
2. We can pay bills
3. I have fun working (most of the time)
4. I can laugh at the commercials on TV that say "this is the one shopping trip you don't have to hide from your husband" because I make money so I don't have to hide squat
5. When the babies see me at the end of the day they throw, literally throw, whatever is in their hands down and make a beeline towards me and shower me with love and it is so special

So we are going to make this work.

I have a plan, although plans are things I rarely stick to. I will get up by 6:45 a.m. This will be hard, but I am going to try it. The night before I will get out the kids clothes. We will wake up and sing our morning songs while getting ready for school. I will be 100% ready before the babies wake up so I can focus on them. No one will cry. I will make their pancakes and cut up banana and sippy of soy milk to take to eat with us once we get there. We will all be happy and then off to daycare we go.

Once I get there they will sit down like good children and eat their food. I will give them kisses and there will still be no crying so I can leave my happy children guilt free with Miss J, the bestest one year old teacher ever. Really, I'm not kidding, we love Miss J from when we had foster nuggets. I want to steal her for my center someday. Second to me and my expertise in childcare, if they have to start out at any place with anyone, Miss J is the winner.

So . . . what do you think the odds are of this plan happening?






  1. AAWWW - I have full faith and confidence that after a few days or maybe even weeks you guys will settle into a routine that works!!! Sending hugs your way on getting into your new normal:)

  2. You can totally do it... though I might suggest one small edit...

    Be 100% ready, THROW SMOCK OR ROBE OVER WORK CLOTHES, then wake kiddies...

    Breakfast shrapnel can significantly set back a schedule, lol.

  3. You can dream, right? They may surprise you and love the new plan, but...

    Be prepared for a nice honeymoon period where the babies love daycare because it is fun and new with cool toys. Then, once they get comfortable there and realize this is all day every day... don't be surprised to see some rebellion and protest at drop-off. Generally, infants need a full 2 weeks (or more) to settle into a new routine of child care. And in my many years of infant room experience, 12 months is a very hard age to start out of the home care - they are used to being at home and the center of everything for so long. This transition could be rough for all of you. Just be prepared and then it won't throw you for a loop. Like I said, they may react differently and then you can be happy and relieved!)

  4. The big D is soon approaching us as well. As soon as I get back to work which is imminent.

    Good luck with the plan! I have all the same worries. I imagine it will be a transition period. Maybe start about three hours early the first week? Ha ha. Not funny!

  5. Good luck, Ashey! I like your visualization technique!

  6. Love2Travel

    A good morning routine is prefaced by a good night time routine. If morning #1 doesn't go as planned then start adjusting night schedule. Morning schedule will surely follow. Then there are days that are just a crap-shoot. Good luck from another kindred, working momma :)

  7. You can do it! My suggestions are: make the pancakes the night before and wait to put your work clothes on until the very last minute!!!

    I have to leave the house at 8 am. I get up at 6:20, shower, get halfway dressed, by then Nico is up. I give him a bottle of milk (either sitting with him or just propping him up on my bed with one). I sit on the bedroom floor to do my makeup and he usually climbs into my lap and throws everything out of my makeup bag. Then he brushes his hair while I blow dry mine (quick-like: flip upside down, dry for 5 min max). Then I get him dressed.

    Then we go downstairs and I put him in teh Pack N Play and turn on Baby Einstein. That is baby crack, and he will stay happily glued to the TV until it is over. Then I his lunch and breakfast (which I have made the night before. Not like in a bag ready to go, but I've picked everything out and put it in containers so in the morning all I have to do is throw it all into a bag, fill some bottles, and go). Then I pack my food for the day and make breakfast for the dog. Usually I'm ready by 7:45/8.

    Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!

    And how is your mom doing????? She's going to miss those little munchkins so much!


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