Friday, October 30, 2009

I Had A Dream

The last few months have been the most exciting of my existence for awhile. I finally accomplished what I've been wanting forever. I have also been hit with more sickness and body issues than I have had in a long time. First, IVF was harder on my body than I thought it would be. I had OHSS and my cycle almost got cancelled (thank God for the art of begging). My ovaries are still very large. Then I had a four day bleeding scare. Then I got morning sickness worse than I would have thought. Then I got costochondritis which was painful and I can't take anti-inflamatories. Then I got arrested, went through emotional stress and became dehydrated with a large raise in my blood pressure. Monday of this week I had some type of allergic reaction to something, got hives all over my body and had to use my inhaler. I have had a very painful headache for 4 days and have not been able to make it through but one day of work. I have been exposed to 27 cases of H1N1 in the last three weeks, so when I woke up really sick yesterday I assumed I had it. Last night when I got to urgent care, I was relieved to find out that it is just some type of viral infection, although I just have to wait it out. Let's don't mention the mental health issues I have concerning whether or not this is a healthy pregnancy.

This has all happened in the last two months, as I am only 12 weeks and 2 days pregnant.

Last night when I was laying in bed I looked at my belly. It is still growing at a healthy pace. So I had a little talk with the babies. I told them that I will continue getting sick or have weird things happen and I won't worry about it too much if they promise to keep growing and come out healthy. Then I will know this is all worth it, more than worth it.

My little amazing babies answered! I had a dream that I could see them as clear as day floating around in me. They were smiling and happy. They were wiggling around and playing with each other. They were smiling and waving at me. They just wanted to tell me that they are okay in there. So I think we have an agreement, they are going to keep trucking and come out perfect.

Don't think this has any effect on the Baby Beat. It was ordered yesterday, and will arrive on Monday. :)


  1. Wow, they're already behaving for you. They are great kids!

  2. Your dream story brought tears to my eyes. I love it!


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