Thursday, October 15, 2009

Holy Baby Bump

So, it's been a rocky few weeks. Several days of bleeding, my fosters moving with family members, getting back to therapy, struggling with my job, praying for the second trimester peace I hope for and getting thrown in the slammer hasn't done a whole lot for my mental health. Yesterday I was cramping and cramping all day. I mean hardcore cramping so I was thinking "great, why did I get off my anxiety meds again?"

Well, I was in for a most pleasant surprise. The cause of all the cramping was stretching, because I woke up to this:


This is at only 10 weeks and 1 day!! Hubby was leaving for work and lifted up my shirt to kiss the babies goodbye. He was like "holy crap!" I checked the mirror and couldn't believe it.

This is it a little after 4 weeks:


I was so excited and have been all day. I have been waiting for the bump to come in!!

So, it's been a bad run, but this really made me happy. As hubby says, "the sun shines on a dog's ass every now and then!"

Thank you baby bump, I needed that. Countdown: Only 4 days until my first official OB appointment.


  1. Awesome! It's adorable. Now you can rub it all day just like the damn fertiles are always doing! ;)

  2. Smiling here!Keep up the good work, Mama-2-Be:)...hugs, Lori & Rachel...

  3. So cute! Congrats!!! You deserve this little light at the end of the tunnel after your week.

  4. Its AMAZING!!! grow belly, grow!


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