Thursday, November 24, 2011


It's Thanksgiving!!

I love a day where not only do I not have to work and I still get paid, but the reason behind it is just to be thankful and eat food. This is probably the best thing that America has ever come up with and I have been looking forward to it for weeks. I am actually going to cook (gasp!) some stuff this week and I have a family art project planned. Being lazy and hanging out with my family is the best.

I am so thankful for:

-My husband. It takes a strong individual to live with me and commit to that for life. Seriously. He's a brave soul and he makes me laugh. He does other good things but they aren't appropriate to share on the internet.

-My family. My mom and dad and siblings and my grandparents. I feel very lucky that my kids hit the extended family jackpot and we are very blessed that way. Aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, great aunts and uncles, it's out of control.

-My friends. I have some really funny and great friends. Some are old and some are new, but they are really nice to have.

- My home. My home is small and old, but it is really special. It's our first home and it keeps us warm and that is pretty awesome.

- My job. Sure, no one really likes to work, but if I have to it's not so bad and there are so many out there who need a job I do feel fortunate. My insurance is great (aside from the no fertilty coverage but for the average person it's nice).

- My internet pals. I TOTALLY would have made fun of this back in the day, but really, I have found so much support and comraderie and good laughs from the message boards I belong to and blogs I read. It's amazing.

- And the most obvious thing . . my beautiful, funny, smart and sweet nuggets!


It seems silly to even say that I'm thankful for them. They overwhelm me sometimes, with good stuff. The English language doesn't hold verbage that is powerful enough to describe how I feel about them, but thankful will do for today.

I read a quote that was placed in a nursery and said "All my smiles begin with you" and I thought that was perfect. They make me smile all the time.

Ever is saying "whoa!!"

I'm not really thankful for the disease I have in me that won't go away so I am at home eating cheez-its and Thera-flu alone on Thanksgiving while my family is out eating good stuff, but hey, I know we can't have it all, right?



  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you feel better! I woke up the Saturday before last with a horrid sore throat, went to my nail appintment only because I was the first appointment of the day and I needed to go out for meds anyway, nail tech told me to boil slices of fresh ginger root and make "tea"...add a slice of lemon and honey and drink as much as I could. It was kind of spicy at first but now I LOVE it! It honestly got completely rid of my sore throat within an hour or so. Amazing. I looked it up online...the health benefits are incredible! Just sharing:)...Love your thankful list and the pictures of your adorable little ones...

  2. I just love how much personality is jumping out of those photos!

    I've had some 'sore throat,cough til you pee your pants and puke,head cold thing' since late October. The funny thing is, I do not have that sick feeling - you know, the achy blood feeling? I've been to the dr several times, tried 2 antibiotics and am now just accepting the fact that it has been 5 weeks. My abs are going to be in great shape just from the insane coughing. I am taking a lot of Advil PM just to be able to sleep through it. Whatever germs are out there now - they are tough! (Gretchen had it for just about 4 weeks, Carl only about 2. Somehow, Lew has missed it... thank goodness. That's all I need - a sick man.)

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope you get more than cheez-its soon!!!


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