Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Things I Love Right Now

The nuggets, although insanely wild and testing boundaries, are so much fun right now. Hubby and I just sit in the living room in the evening and watch them and play with them and then talk about how funny or cool all the stuff they did was after they go to bed.

Here are some examples:

- Ever loves singing these days. She sings whenever she is doing something or is bored, like in the car. She even sings a song for Ocean and sings "o-o-oshy, o-o-oshy." She calls out "Oshy" a lot and refers to herself as "shishy" or sissy in our language.

- Ocean has been trying so hard to jump. Ever can get some air, but not Ocean. He tries so hard that he bends down and then jumps up and flings his arms into the sky. He finally got some air on Monday and laughed so hard that he did it.

- I cannot express to you how much I love hearing them call me "mama." It's the best thing in the world. When I go in their rooms to get them they say "mama" so loud. They look at pictures and then point at me and say "mama." I think they know I love it because they will randomly poke me and say "mama" to see my reaction.

- I'm very confident they are both geniuses. I wrote "Ever" on a board and said what does that say and Ocean pointed at Ever. Ocean ran into the room and saw something yellow and said "lellow." I caught Ever taking apart the tower she built and then she arranged the pieces in color order with like colors.

- Dancing is my favorite. Ever loves dancing too, dancing and singing. She gets a silly look on her face, bends her knees, shakes her hips and throws one arm up in the air.

- I hate to admit it, but Ocean getting in trouble is pretty funny. He is testing boundaries right now big time. He will do something naughty and then see if he gets in trouble. When he does he sticks his lip out and then tries to get mad. He doesn't understand that a mama can't take a sweet baby boy face seriously, even though he's trying to be a tough guy by not looking at me or hitting the time out wall.

- Right now their affection is so deliberate and I love it. When they are little babies, let's be honest, an infant will be happy with just about anyone who gives them a warm body and food. But now they give hugs and kisses and rub my back. They put their arms around my neck and nuzzle their heads onto my shoulders. Best.feeling.ever.

I am really loving parenting these days. Even on the days when daycare informs us that Ocean has been in timeout all day for trying to and then successfully biting his sister. Yeah, that happened for real.

You guys are so lucky that I am reproductively challenged and poor, otherwise I would totally end up being the next Michelle Duggar (except with cursing and yelling instead of patience and baby talk).

A couple pics from our trip:


A hayride with Grandma and Grampa. We had lots of fun, although I will say Arizona pumpkin patches have NOTHING on Kansas pumpkin patches.


With their new cousin! He was six days old in this picture and we let my little violent germ buckets hold him. He did survive, although I think Grampa nearly had a heart attack.

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