Thursday, November 17, 2011

Seriously Thursday

- In the last three weeks we have had two ear infections, one case of croup that sent us to the ER and now each and every one of us were vomitting and crapping our brains out with the stomach flu. Everyone says after the first year of daycare all of our immune systems will be better but seriously 1. I have worked in a daycare for the last 4 years and I brought this home! and 2. the one year mark is in June and I will surely get fired by then.

- My daughter got pee on my jeans yesterday before work and I wore them anyway.

- At my benefits enrollment for this year the reps from the insurance company informed us that they just bought one of our approved urgent cares. Just effin' great. In my opinion, health insurance is not to be trusted. The goal of good health should be good health, not making a buck so there is the first strike for me. Now they are owning doctor's offices? This is no bueno.

- Don't ever eat food at my house. I changed Ever's diaper and then the buzzer went off saying that the oven was ready so I popped some cinnamon rolls (the whole family's current guilty pleasure, twins love them!) in the oven. I noticed a little white something on the cinnamon roll, thought it was frosting then realized I hadn't opened the frosting yet. Butt paste. Yep, we totally ate a butt paste cinnamon roll. It was just a little bit though.

- The hubs sent me this text "just wanted to tell you you're a great mother and you're doing a great job." At first I was like, awe, what a sweetheart, but then I was like "seriously? what do you want?" Ha!

-I've pinned a ton of recipes on Pinterest and have yet to cook a meal. I can't remember when I last cooked.

- Mariah Carey was on the cover of Us magazine looking hot and saying that she did that by hard work. Ha. From one twin mom to the other, I know you don't have time for real hard work and twins will really rough up a dangler so we know you got a tummy tuck! Don't deny it!!!!

- I was changing sheets on the twins' beds and I came down to find a naked Oshy eating a cinnamon roll in the window sill. Seriously . . . I have my hands full with these kids!

- This post from Raven about how to keep a man serioulsy had me peeing my pants yesterday! Basically she says if you want to keep them, you just need to "feed 'em, f$%^ 'em, and shut up." I guess I must be very lucky because I don't do any of those things and we just celebrated 8 years of being together (I'm serious, I don't do ANY of those things, sad I know).

My flickr account won't let me log in so I will hit you up with some old school photos . . . .

Fresh nuggets!


These are classics! Every baby needs a sombrero . . .



Mad babies


People sometimes ask if I would like to have had them be infants just a little while longer. Seriously?!?! NO! Newborn twins are not a joke. But I love looking at these pictures and if I could get in a time machine and just go spend 5 waking hours with my newborn nuggets I would totally do it. They were adorbs . . . .


  1. Supposedly Mariah is on Jenny Craig but I totally think she got a tummy tuck! your babes are so cute! I love the sombreros.

  2. Love the pictures. I bet she did get a tummy tuck, lord does she has the $$$$.

  3. Don't forget... she has PhotoShop on her side, too. I'm sure that magazine cover was worked over pretty well!!

    So sorry everyone has been so sick. Ugh.

    I would go back to newborn days in a heartbeat. I love teeny babies, but also, back then, life was much more simple. You get your existance down to sleep and eat. The other stuff didn't come into play and it was just time to enjoy the twins. Once they get older and much more active, you end up doing more to entertain them and the simple ways of newborn life fall to the side to make way for the choas of real life. I miss that simplicity. And teeny babies.

  4. Sooooo a tummy tuck! I was like, where's her belly button? I guess she was wearing high wasted shorts... probably to cover up the scar.

  5. Seriously - I love what you write because we've all been there and done that and never tell! Hehe. Great throwback photos too! What a smart idea to bring them up again. These kiddos get too big too fast!

  6. Shoot, I was totally hoping Mariah did that on her own with diet and it would mean that I have a hope of getting rid of my belly.

    Also, those sombreros SERIOUSLY cracked me up. I remember those pictures. Too funny.

  7. I love your honesty and humility in this post! Hilarious about the daughter and pee- jean incident..LOL. It's also good to know I'm not the only one that thinks Mariah Carey got a tummy tuck because I just had twins myself and I look the complete opposite. You have officially gained a new fan!

  8. She totally had a tummy tuck! As always, you crack me up. I love reading your blog posts.


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