Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So What Wednesday

- So what if I haven't taught the monkey's baby sign language? I'm too busy trying to teach them not to eat out of the dog bowl. Priorities.

- So what if I considered buying a pair of full body Spanx this weekend? I'm really starting to panic about how I'm going to get the dangler and my new post preggo back fat into my dresses on my trip coming up. I got too weirded out by the little cookie hole in the bottom of the full body Spanx for peeing though. That's just wrong looking.

- So what if some moms can potty train their babies before the age of one by dangling them over the toilet (EC is what I believe it's called)? I don't want to do that. Plus I have a job so I can't spend the day analyzing what I believe to be cues that the babies want to pee. Plus I'm not coordinated so I might drop a monkey in the toilet and then go to jail for child abuse. I've been to the slammer once before, and it was no fun. There are freaks in there (not including me of course). Hubby and I did not enjoy that experience. Love means never having to say "can you bail me out of the slammer?"

- So what if I use my dry shampoo spray more than I use my actual shampoo? I tell myself my hair will look so nice and clean if I shampoo it, blow dry it and style it but then a little voice tells me I'd be better off working out or going to bed. So I do that instead.

- So what if Peanut happens to be a genius? I am a little worried she might use her genius for evil. She seems to be talking in a very serious manner and her facial expressions are so hilarious when she does it. AND . . . get this . . . she can say "thank you," "uh oh" and "doggy." Can you believe that?

- So what if the babies will be one in two months (from yesterday, to be exact)? I told hubby to quit using the "T" word. Toddler. I'm not ready yet. They're babies. Get it straight. Not toddlers, babies.

Guess what? I won something! Let me tell you, it NEVER happens! I enter all kinds of giveaways on blogs and I have never won, not even once. But I won this lovely knit cowl from Jennifer at Scraps of Life- the 64 Arts. Jennifer has many talents and you know how jealous I am of talented people. Here is a list of all her talents:

1. She can draw
2. She can cook
3. She's funny
4. She can knit
5. She's crafty
6. She is even good at math, because she's an accountant!
7. She gave me something, a fruit of her hard labors (that is a talent)

I'm sure she has many more talents but these are the ones I know off the top of my head!



This is the cowl that I won. It's a perfect color to wear with everything. I had a little butterfly pendant in it but Peanut ripped it out because she's a little naughty. Are you surprised to see a photo of me? I know . . . I don't allow them often because my self esteem is pretty low these days. Excuse my duck face, it was distracting Oshy boo from trying to get the camera. And I need to clean my mirrors.

The Next Lindsay Lohan


Except prettier and smarter, of course!


  1. hahaha!! this post cracked me up! Love the pics and the beautiful knit goodie. And BTW, you look awesome, so be nice to yourself, hot momma!

  2. Thanks for the laugh with the pic of Ever and the bottle! Can't believe she is talking! AAAHHHH!

  3. bwahahaha! Too funny! :) My brother used to eat of the dog dish when he was a baby. Good times!
    I just love "cookie hole"! Totally cracks me up! :)

  4. Pretty scarf!!

    Did you ever (I want to capitalize that when talking to you) hear back from the party location? Is it on for Earth Day or did you have to pick a new weekend?

    Adorable picture!! Around here, Carl talked first (Carl has done everything first except being born and potty training), but around 20 months Gretchen pulled ahead of him.... and she hasn't shut up since!


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