Thursday, February 10, 2011

Say What?

Target is one of my favorite places. I know, I know, big box stores are the devil, but c'mon people! Who doesn't love a place that you go for apples and peanut butter and come out with two baby outfits, a new thong, flip flops, a picture frame and an iPad (ok, the iPad is only in my dreams)? Target is AMAZING!

Well . . . tonight as we walked in a gaggle of teenage girls came up to ooh and aah over Peanut. One of them said "my mom is pregnant right now with her fifth child." Crikey's. Teenage to newborn? She came walking over and I said "wow, your fifth child? You look fantastic and you are a brave woman!" I always tell a preggo she looks fantastic because it is so nice to hear when you feel like a blimp, but she really did look fabulous, especially for having teens and a baby on the way!

Then she said, "I don't know about congratulations, this was a huge accident."

Umm . . . the infertile in me was horrified. And sad. It's just not fair for someone to be blessed with FOUR children and then another one and not even be excited.

She went on to tell her story about how she was on the depo provera shot but was also on antibiotics. She went to the OBGYN to get her next depo but they always do a pregnancy test just as a precaution and it turns out not only was she pregnant, but four and a half months pregnant.

Then something weird happened. I laughed. Instead of feeling horrified, I kind of thought it was funny. Mostly because she was being pretty funny and sarcastic about it so I didn't look like a jerk laughing thankfully. The horror faded away, I am still jealous and think it sucks for all of us infertiles, but I can see how it would throw you for a loop if your youngest was 10 and then boom, you accidentally got pregnant while on birth control when you thought you were done for life. The quickness of my horror disappearing and the ability to laugh at a situation that would have formerly made me cry makes me feel hopeful that I would be totally normal someday. Normal for me anyway.

After this random conversation, I wandered over to the baby aisle to pick up our weekly supply of three cans of formula. A family was walking by and the mom said "what a cute baby" about Peanut. Her little daughter, who I would guess in my expert kid opinion was probably four years old, stopped to look while her parents kept walking. She was super adorable in a big winter hat dragging around a stuffed puppy. She just stared at Peanut with her big eyes. Peanut stared back because that's how Peanut rolls and then her mother told her to catch up. She ran to catch up and I heard her ask . . .

"Mom, can we have that baby?"

Hahahaha! Kids are so funny. Her mom told her no and Peanut and I laughed. Peanut didn't know what we were laughing about but it's just something she does because she is a copy cat.

I love fun adventures at Target.



  1. My daughter has those pajamas! They are too cute (but she already outgrew hers). Target is one of my favorite places, too, and I don't like to admit it either.

  2. I'm getting a kick out of how much info that pregnant lady was willing to share in Tareget. It's funny how it is easy to talk to strangers sometimes. That would be a shock to get a "10 years later" surprise, but hopefully her older kids will be great helpers. And it may also help them see the reality of life with babies and keep them from getting pregnant.

    How cute is a 4 year old wanting Ever???? Gretchen got to hold her first baby (a 2 week old sweetie) over Christmas and THANK GOD she hasn't asked me for a baby sister yet!!!

  3. Some people are weird. But target people don't seem to be as weird as walmart people! I heart target!

  4. i can kind of sympathize with that lady..when i got pregnant with my 7th, i was FLOORED. mainly because i was puking my guts out..i was miserable about it until i got over the 1st trimester crappiness. it is definitely weird to have a teenager and a oldest is 18 and my little one is 10 months...very strange to see my oldest at the same age as i had him with my newest.

  5. Never knew that we share a Target obsession as well! Isn't it the best when the munchkins laugh because we are laughing? It makes my heart want to explode! I just love looking at pics of your gorgeous babies!

  6. That was an awesome post. I'm so glad you were able to laugh at the 5x mom. I have to admit.... I understand 5 is A LOT and that's probably really hard to handle, I mean just the economics of it, not to mention the physically hard part of having a newborn while you have a teenager and 3 kids in between. But I have to admit I would still be a little jealous. :)

    That is the cutest story about the kid comment, too! That happened to me with some new kids who moved into the neighborhood, but they wanted my dog, not my baby. It was still cute. :)

    And hellz yeah, I LOVE Target!


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