Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So What Wednesday

- So what if I just put Justin Bieber on my iPod even though I am 27 years old? His music is so catchy and I listen to it all day with my kiddos at work so it just seeps into my head and I can't get enough. Embarassing . . .

- So what if I am too lazy to do laundry so I just wipe the puke off and spray some body spray on my outfit and call it a day? Laundry is boring.

- So what if I was so disappointed when the crazy chick on the Bachelor didn't have a freak out after she got voted off? All she did was lay in the back of the limo and blink a lot. Bummer. This is reality TV people, it's supposed to be ridiculous and overdramatic, not normal.

- So what if the point of yoga is to relax but I find it difficult? First of all, I'm out of shape, so it hurts. Second, I don't want to embarass myself because I am uncoordinated. Third, I wonder if the person behind me is enjoying my butt crack sweat or trying not to puke. And last, let's all be honest, I spend a good bit of time hoping not to fart. Eeew.

- So what if I have a strange obsession with my c-section panties? I have one last pair and I know I should throw them out but I am attached to them. Some people have blankies, others have c-section panties, right?

- So what if I know that I should leave my baby crying in his room so that he can mature a bit and learn to self soothe? I don't want to! I got the stank eye twice from hubby for going in and getting him out. He slept with me all night even. He is just so stinkin' cute I can't resist him! I love waking up to the sweet smell of baby. And baby pee and puke, because that is overwhelming my bed currently too.

We could not find Peanut, and we found her like this, in the dark bathroom, hanging on to the sink cabinet knobs for dear life.
Turns out she was quite proud of herself for this.
You may absolutely not feed the babies anymore. They are now big babies who can only feed themselves, they have decided.
My boo bear is just so precious to look at, like a little cherub! He's sleeping with Peanut's pillow pet.


  1. I was super disappointed with Michelle's exit too! Ugh, the nerve! :P

    Cute pics as usual. I can't believe she wasn't afraid of the dark! Big girl

  2. I love that you left her standing there to grab the camera!!! Someday in the not so distant future, you will look at that shot and say, "Remember when she didn't even come up to the sink?"

    And, btw... you need more TP.

  3. Oh my goodness! I can't believe they are old enough to stand up and hold their own bottles! I have had Justin Bieber on my ipod for almost a year. Hubs hates that I do, but whatever. It's MY ipod, not HIS. :)

  4. So, I started my Ashey-inspired Yoga class last night and while waiting for class to start, the lady behind me farted! At first I was "EWWWWW" then I though, "Oh yay, now if I fart, she won't care!!"

    Love E standing the bathroom! SO CUTE!!!

  5. They are sooooooo damn cute!!!

    WTF Wednesday always cracks me up, dude. So true about yoga.


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