Friday, February 25, 2011

Sick Babies

This may have been one of the longest weeks of my life.

My poor boo, Ocean, was crying in his crib around 10 on Monday night. This caused Peanut to cry so we both pulled babies out of their cribs because we are weenies and can't stand to hear them cry. Ocean did a little spit up but it smelled like big people ralph. Then he did a big person ralph. Puke. Major. I rushed Peanut down to my mom to sleep in her bed (spoiled, yes) and ran back upstairs. There were chunks on the comforter, the floor, the sink, the baby and hubby's North Face jacket. The baby got changed, I put the comforter, the jacket and a dirty puke towel into the wash.

Oshy started gagging and puked again. And again. And again. After two towels, two sets of sheets, four blankets, three pairs of my pjs and two of Oshy's we just got Osh in his diaper and wrapped him in a blankie. We did laundry all night and tried to get liquids into Oshy boo. I held him in his blanket and he just stared at me with his big eyes, so quiet and still and helpless. Hubby and I took turns holding him and sleeping.

On Tuesday hubby and I were very tired but babies were fine and that was good.

Tuesday night hubby and I were so very ready to sleep, but the babies thought they were just born and woke up every two hours. Yay.

Wednesday Oshy started to not eat or take bottles. He also had diarehha. Peanut was fine.

Thursday was the same for Oshy and Peanut was still fine. Thursday was an unfortunate day at work and after lovely weather, it started snowing again.

Friday morning I woke up and noticed that Oshy's diaper was completely dry. I'm no expert, but I knew this was very bad because usually his diaper is gigantic after a night's sleep. I called the doctor's office and they said to bring him in. We went in and I took off Ocean's clothes for the doctor and I noticed that his skin was completely yellow. I checked his diaper again and no pee.

I am a worry wart. I wondered how Ocean got the stomach flu but no one else had it in 4 days. I started feeling sick with worry. Ocean gets sick all the time and Ever doesn't. Is there something wrong with him? The doctor was running very behind so I sat snuggled up to my yellow baby thinking very scary thoughts. Osh passed out. The doctor came in and she said something to him and he looked all confused and then gave her a great big smile. He is the sweetest boy, she said. I know, I said. Just kidding, I said thank you. I told her we had one sweet and one sour, even though Ever isn't actually sour, but saying we have one sweet and one evil genius with a sweet side doesn't really flow.

The doctor was concerned. She said we could go straight to Children's Mercy to get him hydrated or try some things at home for awhile to see if we could get him together before going there. We also discovered he had an ear infection in one of his ears and she said after how many he has had he will most likely need tubes. Boo. I can't believe I passed on my ear infections to my boo bear.

I spent a few hours with Ocean and my mom and I followed the directions. He peed twice so we escaped going to the hospital to get fluids. THANK THE LORD. I have never been so happy to see pee in my life! I decided to head off to work when Ocean fell and bit into his lip with one of his new toothies and blood was everywhere. Yeah . . . . I almost had a heart attack because I have NEVER seen blood coming from the monkeys.

The blood eventually stopped and I rocked Osh to sleep. I headed off to work. Right as I got settled and started working I got a phone call from my mom and all I could hear was high pitched screaming.

Ever was puking too.

So I went back home. Peanut reached out for me as soon as I came in the door. I held her and she puked so hard she was crying and screaming while doing it.

Then I did what any strong super mom would do. I cried like a baby. I'm just a hero like that.

I did not want one more second of seeing my babies in pain! It's a horrible feeling to feel so helpless and there's no medicine for these things. After my tears I gave Peanut water and she chugged it. I knew she would puke again but at least it wouldn't be dry heaves. She puked about 6 more times. I didn't cry any of those times and Peanut did much better too. Now she is sleeping like a rock and it's been about 3 hours puke free.

The silver lining? I found out there is one person the babies need most when they aren't feeling well. Mommy. That's me. I hate that they are sick, but appreciate the realization that they count on me and that my snuggles aren't just for me, but for them too.

Now I'm going to sleep. Tomorrow we are all going to wake up healthy, that's my wish. No puke, diarehha, stinky sick baby sweat, sad eyes, pale skin, just healthy. And if I woke up a size 2 and Publisher's Clearinghouse stopped by with a million dollars I wouldn't complain either, but all I really want is my two munchkins to be their bright eyed healthy little ball of energy selves!




  1. I think that puking is one of my least favorite sicknesses for babies. SO sorry! Not fun at all. We are battling the rsv right now and I'm crying more than the babies! Whaaaaa!

  2. Aw, feel better little ones! Good job, Momma! Crying is okay. It is hard to see our babies sick, very hard. Reading this brought back memories of Rachel's first puking experience...and some tears to my eyes...she was all dressed up in a cute little jogging set on the way to her 1st Seattle Mariners game. Facing backwards in her carseat, we heard the sounds and sure enough. I climbed into the back with her, took her out of her carseat (safety first, huh), stripped off the stinky clothes and wrapped her in a blankie, offered a drink of water and just held and comforted her. DH turned the car around and we went home and took care of our girl. Long night like you said, but we got through. I'm glad you had some extra hands to help! Hope tomorrow is a better day! Hugs...

  3. Poor babies! I would be just as upset as you are. It's good to know they need their mommy so much. That just shows you how much they love you. I hope they get better soon.

  4. Aww, that just plain stinks. You poor thing, any mom would cry, especially they're just babies and haven't been sick like this before. I really hope they're all back to good very soon. I know exactly what you mean about them needing you. Of course it's terrible they're sick but it feels good to be able to comfort them, at least a little. Good work mama.

  5. sick babies are the saddest thing. You are correct, though. They only want their Mommy...when I used to babysit for working Moms, I'd be stuck with the puking and runny diapers and I used to beg the Moms to just stay home. Babies don't want the sitter when they are sicky.

    You are a great Mom!

  6. Poor monkeys!! (and poor parents) I secretly prefer when my twins get sick at the same exact time. I'd rather them get the same germ from pre-school and be sick tpogether so we can get it over with in half the time than spend that week (or so) of ignoring the healthy one while tending the sick one and then have to reverse roles the next week (or so). Twice the puke in half the time is easier. Although that sounds crazy on paper. LOL Luckily, my twins rarely get sick.

    Now, if you have pets - this is an awesome product, but honestly - it works awesome on people puke on carpets, too!

  7. Ash - Thank you for your sweet comments. I'm so sorry I've been so bad with mine. It sounds like you've been through a nightmare with the monkeys. So glad you found that silver lining of them just wanting their Mommy. They are soooo gorgeous. Hopefully this weekend they've felt a tiny bit better : )

  8. Hope your babies are feeling better! I live in fear of our little guy's first full-on illness. (PS - I don't know if I've ever commented on this but your children are completely adorable) :)

  9. OMG, I was tearing up just reading about Oshy -- I can't believe you held it together until Peanut got sick!!! I hope you and your little babies are all feeling healthy and more rested today. That sounds like a really nasty flu.
    Hugs to the babies.

  10. OMG! I am so sorry! Hoping they both feel better soon!


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