Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to . . . .

. . . . me!!

Did you ever wonder why you loved me even though you couldn't think of a single reason why (I'm just kidding with that, hopefully you can find many reasons)? It's because I was born on the day of love and loveliness just excretes from my pores naturally and overwhelms you with lovin.' Mmm hmm. I was meant to be born in March but the universe decided to honor my natural loveliness by sending my mother into preterm labor.

I am 27 years old today. This is such a boring birthday because it's just random. 27. T-3 years to 30.

What is the most exciting thing is that this is the very FIRST year in quite some time that I could not think of a thing to with for. I have been wishing for the monkeys for several years plus one year of wishing for the monkeys to be healthy so I was just dumbstruck last night when I was supposed to blow out my candle to make a wish. I just went for the regular old lottery win because I couldn't think of anything else! I guess I could wish to be skinny and hot but if I won the lottery I would just get a full body makeover at the plastic surgeon, Heidi Montag style.

My birthday has been a several day celebration.


-Morning workout at the gym with a friend where I spent more time chatting than sweating
-Afternoon shopping trip, just me and Peanut, where I bought clothes for myself, not hubby or the babies. It was lovely.
- I got my present which was . . . wait for it . . . A BOB REVOLUTION DUALLIE!!! I am super stoked. It get's its own post later.
-Dinner at my favorite place of all time, PF Changs. Hubby said we could do a babysitter, but I wanted to have my monkeys with me for my birthday celebration. Ever is a bad baby in the restaurant and Ocean is such a good, good boy so we were 50/50 on being embarassing by taking our babies to a restaurant that is clearly not for babies.


-Our first jog with the new awesome jogging stroller.
-Afternoon lunch with my in laws where I had a salad and a cookie, but ate a lot more cookie.
- Dinner with my grandparents.


- I was serenaded by a class of preschoolers this morning over my cell phone.
- Monkeys and I went on our second BOB run and made it 2 miles this time.
- I received loads of chocolate.
- For the first birthday ever, I woke up with one monkey in my bed and one in the next room, which was the best.

My handsome little love bandit.
Peanut found a marker!

It's also Valentine's Day so I will have to give hubby some recognition for being in love with me, although I think it's safe to say that should be his gift. (just kidding again, it's a tough job so I definitely owe him big)


  1. Happy Birthday, Ashey! Sounds like a fabulous week of celebrating!!! Oh, and that wasn't a scented marker was it???

  2. happy birthday what a special day! I find you soo funny everytime I read one of your post I litterally laugh out loud! I am super jealous of your double bob!! I got a quinny buzz single stroller and figured I would get a bob when I have another baby I will need the encouragement to run with a fancy stroller so I wont be the size of a hippo!ever sounds like trouble I think I have to look forward to that with avery! but really if your babies where boring how much fun would that be?!?!

  3. Happy Birthday, Ashley!!! I'm so happy you had a wonderful day. You deserve it.

  4. Happy birthday friend! Glad you had a wonderful weekend. :-D And I have to disagree...I really liked 27. I just was missing the one thing that you have two of!

  5. Happy 27th!! Sounds like a great weekend of celebrating!! OO - jealous of the BOB, too! Oh my - Ever with the marker... I love her little expression. ;-)

  6. Happy Birthday! Your little monkeys are precious. Love Oshy's shirt!

  7. Happy birthday! Mine is tomorrow. February people are the coolest. ;)

  8. Happy birthday, Ashley!! You don't look a day over 25. :) Wishing you a year as awesome as your birthday weekend!

  9. Happy Birthday...a couple of days late. Sounds like some good celebrating. PF Changs was the first restaurant we took Rachel to...she was 3 days old!She still loves it. I take her most Mondays before Kindermusik classes:)...Adorable pictures of your cutie pies!


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