Sunday, February 6, 2011

Full House

Apparently it was kid weekend at my house and we had a house full the last few nights!

On Friday night my nephew came over who is 6 months older than Ocean and Ever. I was a little nervous because that is pretty close in age, my mom flew home for the weekend and hubby's out of town flight was delayed as well so it was just me and three little guys.

It wasn't bad! We were one high chair short so I created a chair with my legs so my nephew could eat at the table and I could simultaneously feed the twins in the high chairs. It was some slick manuevering and I was rather proud of myself.

He went home Friday night and my two cousins came over Saturday afternoon to spend the night. Yes, I said my cousins, not the babies' cousins. My grandparents have grandchildren and great-grandchildren that are the same age. I am the only dud in a family of fertiles, how did that happen? Back to the point - they are two little girls who are 6 and 3 years old so I had four kids in the house at once.

Hubby decided it would be a good idea to work all day so I was alone with them as well. Because I am a regular genius, I decided to put them all in the car and go to Monkey Bizness, this place that has a ton of those blow up jump jumps.


That. was. hard.

Because of the two extra kids in the back (I had to borrow my moms car by the way, we can't fit four carseats in the Corolla) there was no room for a double stroller. I brought one umbrella stroller which Ocean rode in because he is getting SO heavy and then I carried Peanut and I just prayed that neither one of the girls would run into traffic in the parking lot. Apparently God loves me because we all made it safely indoors, where all four kids spread out immediately. Fast as lightning they went in all different directions. One by one they all got hurt or hungry so we packed it up to go get a snack. I got one of the girls a cinnamon pretzel which they refused to touch because it was messy, all the while Ocean was screaming like a banshee for a bottle. We could not get back to the car fast enough. But again, I was rather proud of myself for accomplishing this.

The children all pulled together to the destroy the house room by room. I did not have one second of time to sit and partake in any leisurely activity. At one point I was pulling Oshy off of the dog, while finding a babydoll for the baby stroller for the girls, while Ever was in the bathroom trying to splash in the potty which had not been flushed from a three year old pee pee. Nice.

I pulled some magic out of the hat by deciding we could bake cupcakes together. I really wanted to let the kids do it themselves as a learning experience.


Your eyes have not deceived you. There are really 3 different kitchen utensils stuffed in the kitchen aide and a cupcake shell filled with cupcake batter that is not actually in the cupcake pan. It was lovely to clean up. Clearly, we all needed a bath. Babies went first and then the girls. The babies were both offended that there were other people in their bath tub and headed into the bathroom to figure out what was going on.


PJ's were put on and fresh cupcakes were enjoyed.


The 6 year old did not partake in cupcakes but the 3 year old carefully licked off frosting, then put more sprinkles on the top, and then knawed on the top of the cupcake followed by just going ahead and eating all the sprinkles. At this point, Peanut and Osh were fast asleep in their cribs.

The girls decided the only place to sleep was in my bed. We all snuggled in and began an absolutely horrible movie called "Alpha and Omega." Hubby came up to get PJ's when the 6 year old said:

"Don't even think about it mister. You need to go on down to the guest room."

The poor man was banned to the couch in his own home by a 6 year old. After the night I had with hot bodies next to me, feet in my ribs and random sleep talking "popcorn popcorn" shouted out in the night he got the better end of the deal.

The good news: We all survived! It was fun actually. It was also exhausting and I definitely don't see myself being the mom of four anytime.


By the way . . . . .

Today is exactly one month until I will be on vacation!

I have 28 days to:

1. Stop eating completely
2. Figure out what to do with my body hair
3. Purchase the tightest spanx that money can buy
4. Find a swimsuit that doesn't make me cry



  1. I'm surprised you're awake NOW, lol. Rough weekend (fun or not, rough, haha.).

    Oh, and swimsuit:
    Do it. Omg they're awesome. A little bit of 'suck it in' and a lot of 'look at THESE, no, not the rest of me, THESE!" lol.

  2. Whew! I hear ya! Sounds like they all had alot of fun though! Let me know when you find the miracle swimsuit!

  3. What a weekend! I love the kitty cat face on Peanut's butt in the tub shot! :) Get some rest!

  4. OMG, you are crazy! I mean brave! Soooo brave! You must have the patience of an elephant. (are elephants patient? they look patient. Or bored.) there's no way I would've survived with sanity intact!
    Your hubby is just too cute buried under all those little girls (and Ocean). :)
    I LOVE the kitty on Ever's pj bottoms! I want a pair of those!
    I'm so jealous you're going on vacation!!!!

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