Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So What Wednesday

So what if I take my babies out with food all over their faces just so I don't have to hear them scream? Ever can scream LOUD. People come up like, ooh, look at that cute little Peanut and then they see her white trash food face and give me the stink eye. If only I had a dollar . . . .

So what if I cried a little tear in public while shopping because I have to buy Oshy's clothes in the toddler section? How would you feel if you spent years getting knocked up and then BAM your little baby is a big boy? It's sad okay. Crying in public is sad too, but not as sad as shopping in the toddler section, although the selection is much better and my boy just got his first KU Jayhawk t-shirt. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

So what if I live in the ghetto? Do you remember Jeff Foxworthy and the whole "you might be a redneck" business? Hubby and I play "you might live in the ghetto if . . . ." We found a new one and it is "you might live in the ghetto if a store opens up down the street from you called Phones and Smokes." Yeah, I live down the street from "Phones and Smokes."G-H-E-T-T-O

So what if I look like a total nerd wearing super high heels? Hubby and I went to a yummy and delicious fancy shmancy restaurant on Saturday night and I bought a new pair of high heels for the occasion. I could hardly walk, but I did feel cool. Nerdy cool.

So what if I am going to look 10 weeks preggo for life? I think I have done 9 million sit ups since I gave birth and the dangler is still pudgy, but I sure got two sweet bits of baby perfection out of it!

So what if another celebrity is pregnant? I swear, there were at least two celeb pregnancy announcements on People.com last week a day.

So what if Madison on the Bachelor is super hot? She wears fangs for fun. That can't be considered mentally stable. Although it's obvious Melissa is the resident nut job this season.

So what if I have the bad kid in class? We went to our first Gymboree class and all the little babies sat so sweet in their mom/dad/grandma's lap. All except one. Peanut. She crawled out to the middle and flapped her arms around while everyone laughed at her. Everytime I tried to bring her back she threw a tantrum. Oshy was a sweet little boy paying attention and enjoying. In the end, I ended up just letting Peanut crawl away and do her own thing. I think she may be giving me a run for my money . . . .

The babes are experimenting with some new faces.
This is Oshy's mad face. It's definitely a change from his always smiley face. It gets a whole lot dirtier, but this is the best I could do.
This is Peanut's Elvis smile. It makes me laugh too.


  1. At least they spelled both correctly. I hate stores with cutesey names like "Kountry Kitchens".

    Next time at the gym class - just sigh and say, "You oughta see how energetic the thrid triplet is. I have to leave her home."

    Cute pics!!!!

  2. As always, the pictures are too cute!!!!

    And Madison... the girl is something else. But I can't stand Melissa. I'm pretty sure that's the point of casting her - give us all someone to root against. "Just so you know, we're in our first fight...." Yeah, whatever.

  3. LOL, I love this post. And I love the new faces ;-)

  4. Oh my gosh I will totally cry when we make it to the toddler session and at the rate that my current 5 month old looks like a 9 month old, it won't be long. :(

    LOVE the Bachelor! Well, not the bachelor himself, but who doesn't love a train-wreck of a show?!

  5. What a great post! Been away and am catching up. Happy to come to your blog and have several posts to read...and lots of new pics! Rachel has recently made the switch over to 2T from 24 months, so I totally understand. She was wearing some of each size but is just too tall now. I cried too, seriously. But then I cry at every corner of this leaving the baby stuff behind because she's a "big girl" now. Ouch...happens way too fast! Still challenged in the hair department here, so she stll looks like a baby when sleeping:). People think she is big for her age (hair again) until they find out how old she is. LOVED Gymboree and MISS it SO much! We had days like that too in Music Class. Enjoy every minute! Love your posts:). Lori

  6. I have no idea if I remember how to walk in high heels anymore so you wont be alone in the nerdy cool department... or in looking pregnant for life department =)
    That chick on the Bachelor makes me wanna scratch her eyes out, so dramatic and full of herself, but that's what makes for good tv I guess... I mean I am still watching lol
    The pics are adorable, Oshy looks awesome lol


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