Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's Kind of a Big Deal

The one year old birthday is upon us and it's kind of a big deal.

I have been in the works with the place I want to have their party. It's a nature center. It's perfect! They are only one so we don't need anything crazy, so a nature center for two babies born on Earth Day is just fitting. Two nature babies, one with a nature name, both born on Earth Day at a nature center? DUH! It just makes sense.

I received an email yesterday that the place in question might be having an art fair on the day we want to rent the room and will know for sure in one or two weeks.

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby said no worries, we can do it the weekend after or the weekend before. It shouldn't be devastating, but it is because this is HUGE. The babies will be one. It has gone by so fast I can't even really believe it. This is a big deal, really big. The one year anniversary of seeing two healthy slimy babies peeking over a big blue curtain as they were escaping my tummy and everything in between until we made it a whole year together.

BIG. DEAL. Way bigger than a stinky art fair.

I have been hard at work looking at party supplies, cupcake towers, making a menu, invitations, designing their special one year old coloring book with their names in it, trying to find the perfect outfits, etc. etc. etc. and the place and date were the one thing I thought I knew.

Sigh . . . . .

Cross your fingers that in one or two weeks I get the good news that all will continue as planned or I can put on my big girl panties and pick a different date or find an equally as perfect place. If I have to pick a different date (boo hiss), what would you vote, the weekend before or the weekend after their birthday?? I need yo opinions people!

Peanut and Mommy kisses
Oshy has three teeth now and he loves to show them off!


  1. It IS a big deal!! But if you end up having to change, I'd do the weekend before...then they just have a week long birthday!

  2. Love the new pics! I don't know what to tell you about the party.... we just had the 4 of us at home with 2 cupcakes for their 1st birthday. Age 5 was the first party we held that wasn't just us at home.

    I might disagree with the previous comment and say go for 1 week after... that way, you can take pictures of them devouring cake on their birthday and give them out as favors at the party. You can find those plastic magnets at craft stores.

    Ask the nature center if they will offer you a discount for changing the date on you. Had they said right from the start that was not available, fine, but since they let you book it and then changed... they might owe you a nice 15 or 20% off deal, eh?

  3. Wowie. It's almost one year! I can't believe it either! I hope you get the place you want. I am sure it will be a lovely party.


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