Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So What Wednesday

I totally ripped this off from Ashley, who has the best name in the world.

- So what if I can't so WTF Wednesday/Fridays anymore because thought processing from start to finish isn't really my strong suit lately?

- So what if I change peanut's diaper in public but she is crying and squirming and the changing table gives me the creeps so I don't wash my hands and spread Peanut pee germs all throughout the mall?

- So what if my dangler is so dangly that when I stuffed my iPod into my pants to adjust my ponytail it dangled on over and changed the song I was listening to (that's not a lie, seriously, WTF?).

- So what if I think Brad on the Bachelor is weird for thinking he needs years of therapy just because he didn't find "love" on his first season and pissed off thousands of women who need to get a grip? No one really finds love on the Bachelor, it's just fun to watch people embarass themselves.

- Furthermore, so what if I wish Brad would just stop whining and take off his shirt? Yeah baby!

- So what if I am supposed to be on a diet but I continue to eat cookies? Cookies are so good. I secretly want to kick hubby because he started dieting on January 1st, and now he is 15 POUNDS LIGHTER and it is only January 12th.

-So what if I just got done googling chastity belts like the one on Robin Hood Men in Tights to buy for Peanut after watching tonight's first episode of Teen Mom 2? No thank you! Definitely better safe than sorry. I'm not too worried about Oshy, I'm confident I can scare all his potential baby mama's away before that happens (hehe).

- So what if I am about to melt your cold winter hearts with the sweetest pictures of the monkeys outside in their very first ever snow:



  1. Shirtless Brad.... yay! I was happy he didn't choose anyone his first season. It was a nice break from them finding "true love" on the show and breaking up a week later. Or in some cases, before the reunion show even airs! I don't know why people got mad over it! And I like him because he got rid of two of the crazies last night. They made for good tv, but if he really wants to find someone, he can do better than ladies who cry to a guy they barely know hoping he'll mediate their drama!

  2. Yeah, men + weight loss = unfair.

    Isn't it better that Brad DIDN'T pick someone he didn't want to spend his life with? Seriously, I agree, I don't get why people were so mad. He coulda picked one and then broke up with her and/or ruined her life later! Whatever.

  3. Ugh, men and 'diets.'
    There's an old Cathy comic where she drags her bf to the gym and makes him eat salad with her and stuff. Then one day, he just shows up at the door thin and she asks, 'what did you do?!' and he says, 'I skipped lunch.'

    And, as always, the babbers are just too squishy for words!

  4. Omigod, those pictures are gorgeous! ;-) And I love your new (or maybe not so new, I always read blogs in Google reader ;-) blog layout!

  5. I agree. Brad's not the one that needed therapy. All the crying girls do. :) And men and their weight loss is just annoying! :)

  6. Awww! Love the snow angels!!


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