Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Nervous Than I Thought

Thinking of my upcoming vaca and all the sleep I'm going to get and the sun shining on my pasty white vampire ass has been great. I am lucky to have family members that I trust the monkey's with for 8 nights.

BUT . . . , . the thought of them being not only not with me all night for that time but not even reachable (like down the street at grandma's) is freaking me out a bit. I thought a 5 day cruise would be sufficient but hubby insisted on the 7 days so I bit the bullet and went for it. Believe me, I need the rest.

My little monkeys hundreds of miles away from mama. The thought is frightening. My right mind takes over and tells me that they will be just fine.

The babes Skype in the morning with my dad. My mom was in the kitchen getting her Skype on with one of the monkeys in her lap when my dad (referred to as grampa grampa), said he will see them in a few months. She said yes, the month we are leaving 2nd.


This causes me to freak out. I thought my cruise left the 12th. So she would be taking the babies on the plane away from me and halfway across the country 10 days before I leave pluse the 8 I will be gone so I am not going to see my babies for 18 DAYS AND NO ONE RAN THIS BY ME FIRST????

Level 5, Code Red freak out ensues.

My mom claimed that we are leaving on our vaca the 6th, but I thought it was the 12th. The skyping ended with panicked voices and grampa grampa on the computer screen saying "is everything okay?" I picked up my phone and yelled into it at hubby to get me the itinerary in my email NOW. Yes, I bothered him while he was working for this emergency of epic proportions.

Turns out I was mistaken and we will be leaving the 6th, not the 12th.

Holy shit, that was close. And I had to apologize multiple times and apologizing is not my favorite thing.

Turns out I am a little more nervous about this than I previously thought. Obviously, because I was acting like a psycho.

Ever holds her play cell phone and yells gibberish into it and now it is the joke that she learned it from mommy freaking out about the cruise dates.

Ha ha. So funny.

We are full blown crawling now! Ever's on the move!
Oshy pulls himself up on everything and stands. He also loves to smile and show off his TWO little toothies.


  1. You are definitely up for some R&R, girl! :) (and maybe stock up on some xanax ;) Have fun and know the monkeys will be much adored and spoiled while you are sleeping!

  2. I would be freaking out too! I think the cruise is a great idea. You really need the R&R! We have not taken time away for vacay since R was born...almost 3 years ago! We have left her with a sitter twice now...close friend...and I am always super nervous. I do think it would be easier if it were someone I trusted in the family. Sounds like your LO's will be in good hands! Lori :-)

  3. phew! That was a close one. That would have been too many missed monkey days for sure!


  4. I am sure you and your hubby will have an amazing vacation. And yes you will miss your munchkins, and I am sure they will miss you, but mommy and daddy need some much needed R&R. Enjoy your trip, and be sure to stock up on some sunblock.

  5. Oh ya and since I just made my profile private here is my blog address...

  6. Whoa - crawling!! Tie heavy toys to their waists to keep them still for as long as you can!!! Crawlnig just leads to standing and walking... and it's all over then. Twins do NOT run in the same direction often.

    My twins are 5 and I have never been away from them for more than 8 hours. I'm pretty jealous of the idea of a vacation, but if it becamse reality, I think I would chicken out. We did talk about going somewhere for our 20th wedding anniversary (in 5 years.) LOL


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