Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WTF Wednesday

- I'll start with the usual, Real Housewives of New Jersey. Kim G. continued her meddling ways and stirred the pot big time. I can't wait for the fight between her and Danielle next week. I found something extremely disturbing this week. Danielle, who is the resident nutjob, has two really sweet, seemingly normal children. Their mom is an ex-con who runs around with Hell's angels and is divorced and money grubbing of her ex. Jaclyn, who seems like a really sweet person, has a daughter who is a complete disaster. Immature beyond words and loves to cause trouble. How does that happen??

- The Gosselins have reached some type of custody agreement. Jon originally wanted full custody of all the kids, which would have honestly been a disaster because he is an idiot. They didn't release details yet, but he also wanted to renegotiate his child support as it was $20,000 a month!!!! That tool has the ability to make $20K a month?? Huh?

- The second season of Teen Mom has begun. Even while going through IF, I was shamefully addicted to "16 and Pregnant." This season looks to be quite the downer, which I will admit is a good thing because I was starting to think they were making teenage pregnancy look pretty glorious. Maci took her baby daddy to court in which the court decided he should pay a grand total of $200-something in child support a month. Ouch! Another one thougth they were pregnant again and in all dramatic fashion completely believed this before taking a HPT. She even made a doctor's appointment and had the look of horror on her face while waiting for the test to come back. Why didn't she just pee on a stick at home? I don't get it. Farrah, who needs a good bitch slapping finally got one from her mom, but it was way overboard and mom ended up arrested. The whole first episode was super depressing. I didn't even watch it last night, but I might do it rerun style.

- Have you ever read the commenting section at the bottom of People magazine online? It can sometimes get pretty interesting, and for me, it is interesting when they post something about the celebrities who are older and pregnant. Here are some comments regarding Kelly Preston's baby bump:

"She looks great. You all realize that the baby most likely was conceived using a donor egg, not Kelly’s egg, right?"

"I have to agree with Amanda also. It’s high risk pregnancies that should be discussed in front of the camera. Are they simply having a baby at almost 50 bc of the sorrow of losing Jett and Celine bc her husband is in his golden years and none of the danger is transfered to him. Look Kelly already when younger had a baby (Jett) with a problem I don’t wish any of them ill but I think clearly it’s dangerous for mother and child. I hope all remain helathy.I also think that if they hadn’t been more interested in their careers then having kids we wouldn’t be discussing this at all."

"I don’t think ANYONE (mother or father) should be having kids as they approach 50+ years old.

Not only is it dangerous for the mother and child, it also robs the child, down the road, of having parents who are healthy and present.

Imagine being a teenager with a parent in his/her 60s. It’s ridiculous.

My opinion."

"I am happy that this couple are having a baby and on the other hand, not so much. They lost a son and this is extremely difficult, but having a baby at this age is a little selfish…and this is just my opinion. I wish them luck and much happiness and hope that this baby grows up with both of his parents. That’s all…"

Oy . . .. this could go on forever.

Best baby moments of the week: New experiences!! They have tried food and also gone swimming at the pool! Well, not really swimming, feet dunked in the water. And yes, I took my post-baby body to the pool in a swimsuit.




  1. Omigod, I LOVE those hats ;-)

  2. I LOVE the hats!

    I do not watch hardly any "Reality" TV but caught myself watching that trainwreck "Housewives of NJ..." OMG! Do people seriously act like that?! Ick @ Danielle, yes, Jacqueline's daughter is a troublemaker with a smart mouth. I used to like Theresa but geez...that girl has quite a mouth on her too and is snobby (4 beautiful little girls though). Caroline is interesting. The blonde...Dina?...left the show? Ughhh, do not have time to watch but get so pulled in:)...Lori

  3. I was thinking the same thing about Teen Mom. I love how on TV people always just KNOW they are pregnant and freak out and go to the doctor without even seeing a positive test! Or worse (on fake TV, not real TV) they get a postive HPT and then the doctor tells them(much to everyone's relief) they are not actually pregnant at all. Umm really? How often does THAT happen!?

  4. what a cute hat on your baby girl!!!!!! I can't wait for the Real Housewives next week too!!! Kim G throws a napkin at Danielle...wonder if she will press charges against her too!! I see that a lot...if the parents are really messed up...the kids are normally good

  5. I love, love Teen Mom. Its seems oddly `real`even for reality TV. I was a teen mom but I was also married. Seeing ppl self-destruct makes one feel better about one`s self... lol :)
    P.S. Your kids are so cute!!

  6. I love the pics! The hats are adorable! Oh - love the new family pic at the top, too!

  7. Love the sun hats!!!! Well, love seeing the babies IN the sun hats!!


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