Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What the F Wednesday

This is my new mid-week venting tradition, please join in! The babies and I are reality TV junkies so that will usually be the topic (seriously, Ever loves reality TV).

- Bravo: Why did you tempt me with the last episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey and the huge catfight about to ensue between Theresa and crazy Danielle? I was so excited and they cut it off and then didn't air the new episode this week! Now I have to wait a whole week for the bulk of the craziness and I think someone gets arrested. I can't wait!

- Ali on the Bachelorette: The men you dump don't feel any better when you dump them and then talk to them in a baby voice.

- The peak of all awesomeness this week was the fight between Jake and Vienna from last season of the Bachelor. He was a complete tool when he kept talking about her "undermining" him. WHAT?? Those terms are for the 1950's, in 2010 women folk don't need to "mind" men folk. Get with the program. Vienna, who has been married once and engaged twice by the age of 26, can't handle a real relationship which is sometimes boring and you aren't as intimate as the first month you met. Big shock. I didn't know this was going to happen so it was a special treat for me while doing abs after my workout watching the end of the Bachelorette because the Real Housewives weren't on.

- Americans: What do you really expect the President to do about the oil spill? The people who own it and caused it don't know what to do about it. Get off his grill.

- You will all be shocked and awed by this, but I actually watched some of the Duggars while on maternity leave. And . . . I kind of like them. Our spiritual views aren't in sync and I still don't get the necessity of all those kids, but I would let Michelle babysit. And their kids are cute. Being a mommy has made me soft . . .

-What the F$%^ of the week goes to this woman of real genius, who decided that she has created a new phenomenon that she has coined "Preservation IVF." She does not know if she is infertile or not, she just decided to go through IVF to freeze 5 embryos just in case she is because she and her husband do not think they will be ready to have kids until they are 40, so they need some insurance so they don't have to do, what is her term, "desperation IVF." They want to be financially able to not work much when they have children and that will take awhile, although they had enough money to do IVF for fun, which qualifies you as a freak in itself. She did tons of research and seems to be pretty proud of herself for avoiding infertility. HA!! Well, Miss Smug Genius Infertility-Avoider, I have news for you! Being 40 is not the only barrier to fertility. I popped my first fertility drug at the ripe old age of 23. Also, you have no idea if those frosties will survive the thaw, which many don't. You're a moron and you have just officially made that known to the entire world. Not to mention the fact that you have basically slapped every infertile woman across the face. Thanks, we needed that.

Lesson of the week: I learned that salad tastes better when you have had a brownie with cream cheese frosting as an appetizer and some of the frosting is still on the fork. YUM!

Best baby moments: Ever has started really taking notice of other babies and it is so cute. This moment isn't great for Ocean, but it is sweet for me (I know, evil). He has been having nightmares but as soon as I pick him up and kiss his chubby cheeks, he relaxes and falls back asleep and I love it.

Anyone else? Agree, disagree, anything randomly exciting happen to you this week?

Please note that I will never leave you without photos:




  1. Ashley, I know they're your babies, but they are seriously two of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen. We ALWAYS want photos : )

  2. Our daughter is one week younger than Ocean and Ever, and I love reading your blog to see what they're up to. Our little one is already a TV junkie, too. She loves The Price Is Right! I completely agree with you about the "Preservation IVF" woman...if I hadn't already known I was reading The Washington Post, I would have thought I was reading The Onion. Crazy! I love the photos of Ocean and Ever. Their beautiful eyelashes show up nicely in this latest set.

  3. This is a great post!!!!
    RHNJ - that show is crazy! I have to admit, it's a train wreck and I want front row seats!

    Preservation IVF? Is that woman insane? Just seeing the picture of her smiling makes me want to punch her in the face.

    And finally, your kids are ADORABLE! They are just too stinking cute!

    Can't wait to read your next week's WTF

  4. I don't watch much reality TV. But, I think the IVF preservation woman (who I had not heard about before reading this) really should think about having her kids before age 40. LOL So many days we say, "Why didn't we do this 15 years ago?" Toddlers and age 40 isn't a piece of cake.

    We hung a long mirror up behind the changing table so the kids could watch the other baby and keep them distracted during changes. Plus - one of the more awesome shower gifts I received was a big square of plexiglass mirror. We still have it hanging low enough for them to use. You might look into a piece to hang right at floor level for them to look at during tummy time or something to make them willing to crawl over to etc.

  5. Preservation ivf?!? That's crap!! I did ivf at 23. You basically just proved you know nothing about infertility, lady. And as always I love seeing pictures of your adorable babies. :)


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