Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weight Watching 7/11

No, I'm not going to Weight Watchers. I'm poor and I have no time so instead of paying to have random strangers hold me accountable to my weight my new brilliant idea is to have YOU, my wonderful and trusted internet strangers, hold me accountable to my weight. This is really scary for me because I am going to admit my weight to you. EEEK! I have lost all 34 pounds that I gained during pregnancy (this did not include my IVF weight gain, which was pretty sizeable) so this is all pure body fat I want to get rid of. After I quit breastfeeding (we will save that for another post) I immediately gained 5 pounds.

Week #1

Current weight: 155.6

Lbs to goal: 15.6

Diet: None right now. I eat tons of protein bars because they are easy and then anything else I feel like eating.

Slip-ups: Since the babies I haven't had enough water, I used to drink tons of water. I have also had a few binge eating experiences, especially since I was sweet deprived due to gestational diabetes and I have a mega sweet tooth.

Excercise: This week I only had time for 2 work outs. Once was 25 minutes of cardio, the other was 30 minutes of cardio plus abs and the thigh master.

I'm posting photos now, but not anymore for three months. My last trainer said that it takes 90 days for a complete body tranformation so you will get an update then.

My old butt, legs and waist (hubby was supposed to be taking pictures of the hot spring):


First preggo picture:


Last preggo picture:


The gut, 2 and a half months post birth:


If you know me in real life and don't think it looks this big, the camera doesn't add ten pounds. I ALWAYS wear Spanx or control top panties, sometimes even to bed.

Let's hope for a few pounds off by next Sunday!


  1. Good luck! I'm also trying to lose about the same amount of weight. We can do it together! :)

  2. Good luck, Ashley! I'm still holding onto about 5 lbs of baby weight and 5 lbs of IVF weight. Reading your posts may be enough to motivate me to work on losing it, too!

  3. Good luck Ashey! My belly is still pretty jiggly, but I haven't really done anything to get rid of it, so it's all on me!

  4. You are pretty brave! I just finished the 30 day shred and saw amazing visible results - even after only 7 days! Really, I even shocked myself! I shared pics with the group I was exercising with, but no plans to put them on my blog.

    I'm still lower than my IF weight and end of pregnancy weight, but since the kids were born, I have lost down to a comfortable size for me... then gained it back. It's hard with young kids. And I still blame Twin Skin for none of my jeans fitting even though 5 years later, I am below pre-pregnancy weight.

  5. good luck! thank you too for keeping your baby weight and your IVF weight in separate categories (my doc insists on adding the two and I find this tremendously unfair). you can do it!

  6. Good luck girl!!!! I can't wait to read all about the diet & exercise routine that WILL help you when I read again in 3 months, you'll be my hero after I give birth too!

  7. Hey Ashley!It's Cortney from BZ :o) You can do this.. It wont be easy just stay strong and keep focused.. I am actully doing Weight Watchers Online So i dont have to deal with anyone and I think its like $17 a month.. It is really watching what you eat and portion control.. Let me tell you my portion cotrol and what its supposted to be is SO To get to my goal I want to lose 60lbs.. but I have had 3 kids in 4 1/2 So you for having twins is not bad at all.. I will be here to keep you motivated :o) GOOD LUCK!


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