Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WTF Wednesday

- So I waited for two weeks for the big fight on Real Housewives of New Jersey, and honestly, it was a little boring. Funny, but boring. Basically Danielle started get yelled at and went running down the hall screaming and hiding in the bushes at which point one of the Housewives daughters pulled her hair. Danielle is crazy and all these women need to get a life. I truly can't imagine having so much money that I have the time to get involved in that much drama. But I'm glad somebody does because it's entertaining for me!

- Lindsey Lohan is going to jail for violating the terms of her probation. I don't understand why anyone cares about this but some lady on HLN who wants to be Nancy Grace is beyond pissed that she probably won't serve her entire sentence due to jail overcrowding. This is a WTF for me because I find it seriously irritating that anyone goes to jail for nonviolent crimes. To me, jail is for people who are an immediate threat to my safety. They should make a mandatory rehab where you can't check out because I really am not interested in paying my tax dollars to lock away people for things that aren't really harmful to me. And why didn't they lock her up after her second DUI? Why did they let this go on for three years (the time of the last offense)? I think that would have been more effective because that was when she commited an actual crime that is a threat to people. Our legal system is a hot ridiculous mess.

- I hate to admit that I watch Toddlers and Tiaras. I also hate to admit that after watching it I find it a hobby that isn't that big of a deal. You will never see Ocean and Ever in a kiddie pageant, but if other people want to do it, it doesn't bother me. Well, this week there was a three way tie in the 3 year old category. They announced that they break the tie according to facial beauty. OUCH! Obviously the three year olds had no idea what was happening but you should have seen the looks on the moms faces of the two that didn't win. Telling a parent that their 3 year old is not as beautiful as other three years olds could be deadly.

-The WTF of the week goes to Mel Gibson! If there's something I can't stand, it's a woman who uses a child for money, which his ex is clearly doing. But holy crap, can you BELIEVE the things he said? And he already did this once before. What a total nut job!Calling her a bitch in heat and using the n-word, good grief! Asking her about her fake boobs, as if he doesn't know, he got her knocked up. Career suicide. I'll cross my fingers Oprah does an interview with him before her show goes off, can you imagine? Or maybe have him on "The View." There's something wrong with people . . . . And really Mel Gibson, does this shock you? You got this woman pregnant while you were still married, she is obviously not a class act. WTF? And neither are you, so you should probably have tried to make this relationship work.

Best baby moment of the week: Ocean and Ever are realizing each other's existence. It is so cute. Ever smiles at him and he looks at her if she is crying. I love it! I can't wait to see them playing together!



  1. I am really enjoying WTF Wednesday! Keep on WTFing! Oh, and the kids are seriously cute! It keeps getting better too, promise!

  2. That was the best 60 seconds of my day.
    You are hilarious : )

  3. Sweet baby profiles!!! Awww!!!!


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