Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I took full advantage of the fact that it is summertime and I don't work full time and we took an almost four week adventure!


First, the twins, Nash and I went on a road trip with my Mom. We drove for halfway to Colorado and stayed in a hotel. The twins will go anywhere that has a pool and they were thrilled to get some swimming in. The twins will also go anywhere that has a movie they can watch, so they are awesome road trippers as long as the DVD's are rolling. Nash isn't really thrilled with car rides, but he did pretty okay.

We then went up to visit my aunt who lives in the mountains. The twins were in LOVE. The smell and the trees and the mystery of the woods, they couldn't get enough. We visited family and had a lot of fun eating and playing and exploring.



Denver was the next stop on our list. We visited another friend, got to meet up with another infertile friend and relaxed. I also stopped by my mother ship that calls from all over, IKEA. I love that cheap mecca of bright and shiney home goods.


Our last road trip stop was to a family reunion. Before we even arrived, I could tell the kids were over it. Ocean even asked if we were going to be going home yet. Each day was long because they were exhausted and ready to be done. Finally, we made our way back home and road trip was over!


Party animals!

133 130

We were at home for a few days before we boarded a plane to Florida to visit my parents! We spent those few days in our PJ's, but we were super excited for the next adventure.

My kids are super awesome on the plane so it was no problemo. The kids loved the beach. They could not get enough, our last day we dragged them crying from the ocean. They waded in all the way up to their necks without floaties and went swimming as if they had been doing this for ages. I was a little emotional about this. I love the ocean (duh) and seeing my three babes enjoying it to pieces was too amazing.





Since we were a few hours away and we are road warriors anyway, we decided to take the plunge and visit Magic Kingdom. Again, I cried when we pulled up because this was on my bucket list way back when: take my kids to Disney World. I was worried that they might be too young and it was scary for my cheap ass because good Lord, people, that place costs an arm and a leg. My parents and brother went and we had a fabulous time! We rode all the rides we wanted to and the kids had a fabulous time.

Daddy and his Princess


Now we are home and living our regular life. I must say this was the most fun I have had in forever and I felt truly blessed to get to go and do all those things. I'm not sure how to top it next summer, but I better start planning now!

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