Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Phone Dump


Totally forgot to put numbers on so we are just going to start at the top left and go clockwise beyotches. 

-Peanut and Nash taking a ride in her Mini Cooper. Nash thought he was the man with the plan to get to be included on a big kid ride. Peanut is an awesome driver, she can take corners and go through narrow spaces like a pro. Also, can you believe how long her hair is? Remember when she was a baldy that had a natural mohawk up top? Unreal!

-I thought this was so funny when I saw Nash in the background climbing on me, like he is saying "yoohoo, I'm so slick." Love him.

-Sometimes I do my hair and make up, so I have to document it.

-One day we met Hubby for lunch at a park near his work. We packed a big picnic and it was lovely. By packed a picnic, I mean I had a blanket and drove through Shlotsky's. I don't know how to spell that, but they have good sandwiches.

Happy Friday!

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