Thursday, July 5, 2012

Road Trip Awesomeness

Last Wednesday we packed up our favorite books, toys, stamps, stickers and movies and embarked on a road trip. I was scared to death because we would be doing 26 hours worth of driving in 6 days with two two year olds.

new mexico 002new mexico 001

Well . . . . .

My monkey's were awesome! They were completely happy to watch 7 hours a day of movies on the long drive days and occasionally read a book or put stickers all over their body.

new mexico 008

We then arrived at our final destination: My ten year high school reunion.

My ten year reunion was weird as hell. First, I graduated with almost 500 people and about 40 came. Most of the 40 came from out of town while the hundreds of people who lived right in town did not come. Weird. It was intensely awkward too. I really didn't care that much what became of these people so I had to fake a lot of interest. I was so glad I went because I was dying to see my two best friends of all time, but really, weird. We decided next time we get together we would definitely not be doing it for a school reunion.

I did go from the midwest to New Mexico and I greatly enjoyed some good burritos. Not tex mex burritos at a chain restaurant, but delicious, tasty, amazing burritos. Yummo. New Mexico is a different kind of place. At least different from any other place I lived which has included Oklahoma, Texas, California, Florida, Ohio, Kansas and good old New Mexico.

new mexico 032
Lovely mantel decor, not typical of the midwest, but typical of New Mexico! I love it!

The monkey's liked New Mexico too, but mostly because there was a pool at their hotel and they got to be spoiled with attention between myself, my mom and my aunt, not to mention all the people they met that oohed and aahed over their cuteness. They were so sweet and well mannered. I definitley pretended that they are like that all the time and I am Mom of the Year.

new mexico 023

new mexico 022

It's good to know that my kids are road trip compatible. This opens a whole new door of possibilites for us.

You may have noticed my lack of blogging. Well . . . blogger wants me to download Google Chrome on my PC but my PC won't let me so that means I have to blog from my iPad always. Chicken pecking blog posts is super tedious and annoying. Blogging at work is a big no, so I have to wait to blog when I have lots of patience, which is rare. Very rare.


  1. Glad to hear the trip went well. We're gearing up to go north, too. Gonna try books on CD for some new entertainment. (I wish my van had one of those divider panels like a limo.).
    My class did not organize a reunion for this year.... 25 yrs. I remember the tenth being fun finding out what career everyone chose. Many not fitting the personalities you remembered growing up with. :-)

  2. I knew they (and you) could do it! YAY!


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