Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mom Stuff

There are so many things to consider when parenting that it's completely overwhelming. Thanks to the Internet I feel like there is so much info spread around and followed that it is crazy. I do research things related to munchkins, but I don't obsess or follow any particular method. I just made choices!

Immunizations - we do immunize. We chose not to get the Hep B vaccine right at birth because I didn't want them brought into the world and then hit with a man made vaccine right off the bat. I made sure to check with our doctors office to be sure that any vaccine given did not have preservatives in them, particularly thimerosal. They don't, so we got all other vaccines on schedule with the exception of the MMR, which we did a year past the recommended age.

Co sleeping - I have slept in the same bed as my children on many occasions, but it is on an as needed basis. I believe that my bed is for Hubby and I to share and I would like to keep it that way. I don't buy the lines about co sleeping leading to better bonding in any way, shape or form. I want them to be okay sleeping alone and have the ability to sleep at night without my constant comfort. In the event I haer the words "mommy" being cried out in the night, a munchkin ends up in my bed and we are cool with that.

Crying it out - I don't do it. Part of it is because I'm a wuss. Part of it is because I am 28 and I rarely make it through the night without needing to pee, drink water, roll over for some Hubby snuggles and, on occasion, eat something. I don't expect differently from my kids. little nuggets bodies are changing so fast I don't think trying to stick to a universal sleep plan is optimal.

Circumcision - We did choose to circ my Osh man. Hubby and everyone else we know is circumcised so we just did it. Can I confess something? This is the only decision I have made so far that I think I regret. We haven't had any issues, but the more I thought about it the more I feel it might not have been the best choice. Whenever I see baby girls with their ears pierced, it grosses my out. I do not understand why anyone does that or why they would modify their little baby's body without her consent. Then I realized that I did the same thing to my son and I feel weird about it. If we have another son, I have no idea what I will do. I think it would be strange to have a daddy and brother with circumcision and be different, but I'm not sure I could make the same choice now.

Working or staying at home - I don't really have a choice in the matter, unfortunately. I think I would like to stay home if I could, for awhile anyway. I don't think that could ever be my permanent lifestyle, but a little more time would be nice while I have littles. I'm trying to win the lottery, so . . . . All jokes aside, I really don't think one way or the other has a major lifelong impact on kids so this is more just a personal preference.

This is not intended to tell you what to do or make you think what I do is best. I don't know anything. We have just been winging it and this is what has worked for us. As a nosy knob, I always want to ask these things but don't, so I thought I'd willingly offer it up!


This is me. I don't often post pics of myself and as you can see I also don't often wear make up. I'm too lazy for that!


My love bug, smooching on me!


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  2. You don't need makeup your gorgeous lovely just like your kids!

  3. We were asked at our OB appointment this morning if we were planning on circumcision if it's a boy. We hadn't even talked about it yet, and I'm sure it showed on our faces. I have such mixed opinions that I truly don't know what we'll do.

  4. Circ'ing was such a hard choice to make this time around. I have three boys. The two older ones are circ'd, well, because it's what you do. The third time around I decided it wasn't a good enough reason. So hubby and the two olders are snipped, the youngest is not. If he is that hung up over it we will deal with it later... when he can make his own choice.

    I didn't come to this conclusion easily and with out many many hours wondering, and even some pregnant tears here and there. So, if you decide not to, you will not be the only mixed family out there (I'm still convinced I am though ;) ).


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