Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I know that lots and lots of mommy's love their kids so much it's overwhelming. I am not one of those people that think I love my kids more just because of infertility. But I will admit I think there is something different. With everything in life, if you want something and you get it right away or easily, it just isn't as sweet. Like my Corolla. It was the first car I bought on my own and when it was paid off and not the bank's car it was my car and it felt so lovely. Or when I graduated college. It sucks balls to go to school for five years and work and have finals and papers, but then you walk down the hill and start sending out resumes and all that work felt so good to end in an accomplishment. Or walking down the aisle to marry Hubby after our relationship culminated for four years knowing that I knew him so well. There's just something that feels good about getting to where you want to go after time and effort and not just one day because you feel like that.

Hearing my monkey's call me "mommy" for the first time is one of those things. Like I said, I know this is special for all mommy's, but for a mommy who went through hell and time to get there and who spent so many nights (and mornings and afternoons) crying into my pillow thinking that I would not ever be a mommy, hearing those words is just extra sweet. Everytime I hear it I smile. I love, love, LOVE it.

Well . . . . Mr. Osh man started calling me "mom" three weeks ago instead. The first time I was like "what the hell?!?!?" I'm not mom! I am mommy! Mom is for pre-teens who are whining to "mom" that they don't want to pick up their laundry before they play 9 hours of video games. It isn't for precious, baby faced boys to say when they are only two years old! I'm not ready! I AM NOT READY FOR MOM!

I tried to tell him to call me mommy, but he just continues with mom. I am a short person and Hubby is tall. The result of that is a little boy who is now half the size of his 28 year old adult mama. I pick him up sometimes and he tells me "Oshy too heavy."And it's true. My 6 lb. baby boy is getting too heavy for me to carry him around like I always do. I love to carry him and smell him and snuggle him just like when he was new. He tells me all the time "no, Oshy do it" and then I don't help him.

It took so long to get to mommy, and in such a short time I have already become mom. So I'm going to do it. I am going to say the whiney thing mom's have been saying for ages. IT GOES BY WAY TOO FAST. Way, way, way too fast.

Tear. Good thing Peanut is a little runt that still calls me mommy.





  1. Haha... mine call me Mom too and at first I also hated it. I was heart broken... the days of "mama" were over. And you're right, "Mom" always has a whine attached to it like, "MooooooOOOooommmm". UGH! But I'M the MOM. And so it's still ok... no one can take that name from me!

  2. Ha! C still calls me Mama. But G calls me MOM, complete with eye roll.

  3. hahaha....I'm still momma in my house but it will KILL me when that changes....2 is only like a few months away for me:( LOVE the pool pics...your babes always look like they are having the best time!

  4. My son is 6, and the other day talking about me to someone else, he called me 'Rachael'. It was so weird. But a little cute. He still calls me mommy or mama though most of the time.

  5. Awww... a lot of times they go through stages. Maybe he'll be calling you Mommy again soon. :)

  6. If I remember correctly, we went from "Mommy" and "Daddy" to "Daddio" and "Mommio" for a while.

    Like Rachael's daughter, every once in a while, Carl will call Lew by his first name. That is both funny and weird to hear. Last week, I heard Carl call Lew "Angus" and then they both cracked up upon realizing Carl's mistake! Usually it is the parents who get the names mixed up and call the kids by the cats' names!

    Yup... it goes way.too.fast. :-)

  7. I agre -- there's nothing sweeter than hearing your pumpkin call for you. My little man switched from "Mama" to "Mommy" pretty early. And then randomly, totally out of the blue, he started using "Mama" again recently. I think he does it mostly when he's feeling whiny or tired or scared. Honestly, either one sounds just as sweet. :)

    I do think "Mom" is gonna freak me out a little, though. :)


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