Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guess the Sex!

We have decided we will not be finding out the sex of this baby before birth. This is going to be very, extremely, unbelievably difficult for me, BUT I promised Hubby that is we ever had a third child we could have it be a surprise and it's very important to him. I honestly told him this because I didn't think we would actually ever have a third child, but a promise is a promise.

We have our big ultrasound to make sure baby's vital organs are looking good. I am so nervous for that because we have not had many ultrasounds because this is just a regular, average, run of the mill pregnancy so I have no idea what's going on in there.

Because we don't get a view of the goods then, I have resorted to trying every single old wives tale I could find to see if that would help.

A heartrate over 140 indicates a girl: After the very early ultrasounds, baby's HR has always been between 160-180. GIRL

Chinese gender chart: I have no idea how this works, I just plugged info to a website and it said GIRL

Ring test: Dangle your wedding ring on a chain over your baby belly and if it goes in a cirle it's a boy and side to side is a girl (I have actually read conflicting information on this, but I'm going with the first one that I googled). Mine clearly went in a circle so BOY

Pee test: If your pee is bright yellow first thing in the morning you are having a boy, if it's dull it's a girl. My pee said BOY

Mayan number test: You add your age plus the year of conception. Even numbers say girl, odds are boys. GIRL

Beauty test: They say that girls will steal your beauty and boys will make you glow. I have bags under my eyes and pimples popping up all over so I will ahve to say GIRL

Skull theory:
If your fetus' skull looks perfectly round, it is a girl, if it looks a little flat in the back it is a boy. My last ultrasound says BOY

Ramzi theory:
If your gestational sac is found on the right side in the beginning, you will have a boy, if it implanted on the left side it's a girl. GIRL

Chunky monkey theory: Boys carry in your thighs and girls carry in your butt. My booty is packing some serious heat, so I say GIRL

Naming: If you can easily come up with a name for a sex, it's what you are having. We have a girls name we are confident on but coming up with a boy name has been pure hell. Hubby doesn't like what I love, but he doesn't really love anything and I don't like his suggestions. It sucks. GIRL

Gut feeling: Some people say "mothers just know." I can't play this one because I really don't. I have no idea. Hubby swears up and down it's a girl, but he's not the mother so he doesn't count. I don't know!

Boy votes: 3
Girl votes: 7

In the old wives gender challenge girl wins by a landslide. I only have a cool 24 weeks to wait left (BLECH!!!!!!!). Confession time? Yes! At our NT scan I looked as hard as I could for clues and I really think I saw a little weenie, but I probably didn't, but I tried. Eeek!

Care to take a guess? Do any psychics read my blog? Help me out!

My little miss is preparing for her big sissy duties.




  1. AAHH....I'm so excited for you guys...I've been MIA for a little bit in the blog world so I had no idea you guys were pregnant - CONGRATS, girl!!!!

    As for voting...I'm going with girl...the old wives tales accurately predicted that Addie was a girl for me:)

    Oh...and I've made the same promise to my husband - if baby #2 is a boy..we'll let #3 be a surprise:)

    Congrats again, hope you guys are having a great week!!!

  2. I'm going to hope boy... because, no way could I handle twice the Girl Drama. But, 2 little Momma's Boys... awwww!!

    We only learned one twin's gender and kept he other a surprise and it was much more fun hearing the peri said "It's a girl" in the delivery room. I can still hear his voice in my head. I know he was smiling when he said it.

    I think you will love the surprise in delivery!!

  3. I like to think if we ever had a third (and we won't) that we would leave the gender a surprise! I'm with Jill though, I'm going with BOY for you. Because that's what I would want ; )


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