Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It has happened. The time that I knew would happen one day when the twins figured out there is another Ocean. The ocean that is a word, not the name of the cutest boy in the universe.

We were watching a show and the animals were swimming in the ocean. So I said "look at the animals they are swimming in the ocean."

Peanut looked at me like I was one crazy beyotch. Then she looked at Ocean.

"Yeah, they are swimming in the ocean Peanut."

She looked at me again. Then the TV. Then our Ocean. I could see that she was clearly very confused. Ocean smiled, probably because he thought we were talking about him.

"Peanut, we have our Oshy, and there is an ocean that is water."

"No, Oshy baba." Osh was drinking milk at the time.

Oh well. I will explain it later.

They have also figured out we have a last name. Peanut called Ocean "Oshy Our Last Name That I'm Not Telling You." It was so cute. But then Ocean called me "Mommy Our Last Name That I'm Not Telling You." I didn't like it! I like to be referred to only as Mommy. Whenever one gets called by their last name they are either in trouble or people think they're old, so I certainly don't want to be called Mommy My Last Name. Ever again. I don't want them to ever call me mom either. I want to be Mommy for eternity. These nuggets are growing up too fast!

St Patty's Day nuggets!



  1. OMG I love Oshi's Animal shirt! Rock on!!

  2. I say it all the time, but they are just too cute! Love watching them grow and change. Cute story! Hasn't Ever heard her name used in a sentence before? Has she reacted? "Don't EVER do that again..." etc?

  3. OMG, the Animal SHIRT! I LOVE IT!

    Sigh. I'm still Mama to C. But to G? I'm "MOM." With a sigh. SIGH.

    Keep us posted on the Ocean/ocean developments. I'm intrigued from a language standpoint.

  4. Adorable picture!!! I want to be called Mama, but one day of my husband calling Mommy and my kids switched over. It's amazing how much influence others can have.

  5. Too funny. That sounds like a conversation for a later date and time. Until then, it is pretty darn cute.

  6. Love the wearin' of the green picture!! I like the new blog look, too.

    When mine learned my first name was Jill, they they thought that was my middle name. Mommy was /is my first name. :-)


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