Friday, March 16, 2012


Hubby and I were talking about the nuggets and how great and smart they are. I mentioned how they are really getting into imaginative play and that is a good sign.

Hubby said the only thing that concerns him is that Peanut appears to be quite antisocial.


Hubby is a people pleaser and he enjoys the company of others. I do not. Oshy inherited Hubby's personality, and Peanut inherited mine. After interacting with her several people have said that she is "just like her mama." I can see that she takes longer than Osh to warm up to people. I've seen her staring intently at people while they are talking to her but not really reacting, and it is behavior that I recognize.

I took a personality test in my college English class. I re-took it twice more as suggested by my professor because my personality type is seen by only 1% of the population. Not in a bad way, I'm not a sociopath or anything, but people who are my type are extremely analytical and there are lots of negatives to that in other's opinions.

While Hubby is concerned, I say that she comes by it honestly and she will be great. It's good to be okay with yourself and do things alone. There is nothing wrong with analyzing a situation carefully before deciding to jump in head first.

I told him there are other good reasons for being antisocial. There are a handful of people that I love and trust. For the most part though, I find that people are either A. not my type B. boring C. completely insane or D. eventually a huge disappointment. He thought that even though that is usually true, it's not the best outlook on life. I agree it's not the best outlook, but he agreed it's usually true and truth is my favorite thing. I read a quote that said the best way to protect your heart is to pretend that you don't have one. That makes a lot of sense to me, even if it sounds cynical to others.

It looks like Peanut not only inherited my allergies, love of carbs and brown eyes, but also my 1% personality. Poor girl! It will just have to be Mommy and Peanut together, against the world.




  1. I don't know where mine got it... but they will talk to anyone. They haven't mastered "personal space" yet either.
    Last week, I heard the guest on NPR's Science Friday say, "We're scientists and we are taught to be skeptical of everything." And I smiled. That is very familiar to me (and DH).
    You may have a scientist on your hands as well. Congrats!

  2. This is so interesting for me to read because we have a similar situation here. DH has acute social anxiety disorder and I'm a chatterbox and will talk to anyone. Kaitlin is like Peanut and is very reserved, quiet and won't allow anyone to hold her, etc. DH is totally freaked that Kaitlin has SAD like him and I think it's just part of the fabric of who she is.

  3. You and your husband are me and my husband only flip-flopped! I've often thought how interesting it would have been if we had twins and one acted like me and one acted like him. :)


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